Ellie Fisher

Ellie Fisher is an emerging poet, reviewer, and lyric essayist. She holds First Class Honours in Creative Writing from The University of Western Australia. Ellie's creative work has appeared in Westerly Magazine, Swim Meet Mag, Aniko Magazine, Gems Zine, and Pulch Mag, amongst others.

Ellie's Latest Articles

If there is a butterfly that drinks tears. on the left is an author's shot of a woman with short brown hair dressed in black and holding her arm in front of her. There is a blue and green backdrop. On the right is a book cover with an abstract pale image of a vertical line and large grey dot.

Book review: If There Is a Butterfly That Drinks Tears, Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon

A poetry collection that meditates on the complexities of motherhood.

Sydney Review of Books. Image is an author shot on the left, a woman with very short dark hair outside leaning on a white fence, and on the right a green book cover filled with authors' names.

Book review: Critic Swallows Book: Ten Years of the Sydney Review of Books, edited by Catriona Menzies-Pike

A selection of essays that bear witness to a diverse history of literary criticism in Australia.

Animal Magic. Image on left is a magazine cover with a line of washing arranged to look like a camel. On the right is an author image of a woman in a bright green dress with red hair and glasses, leaning her chin on her fist.

Magazine review: Griffith Review 82: Animal Magic, edited by Carody Culver

The latest edition of 'Griffith Review' considers the theme of relationships – both tender and tense – between animals and…

I Don't. Image is of an author sitting in a leather armchair, knees pulled up to her chest and with a hand under her chin looking at the camera. She is blonde and next to the chair is a large-leafed plant that is as tall as she is. On the right of the image is the book cover in black and white with a diagonal slant down the middle and the author's name in pink, plus the book's subtitle.

Book review: I Don't, Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford shows us how life could be for women if they weren't shackled to marriage.

The conversion. Image is a book cover with two birds in flight seen from underneath on the left, and a black and white author headshot on the right of a woman with black jumper, shoulder length white hair and glasses on her head.

Book review: The Conversion, Amanda Lohrey

Amanda Lohrey's latest novel speculates on whether a deconsecrated church can become a home.

Late. Image is black and white author's headshot on left – clean shaven man with short hair and dark jacket. On the right is a pink book cover with a pencil outline drawing of a face.

Book review: Late, Michael Fitzgerald

A speculative 'what if?' novel inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

never look desperate. image is red book cover on right with woman in black beret on left.

Book review: Never Look Desperate, Rachel Matthews

A comedic novel that cradles emotional warmth at its core.


Book review: Body Friend, Katherine Brabon

A tenderly written exploration of the body through the lens of living with chronic illness.


Book review: A Light in the Dark, Allee Richards

An examination of the aftershocks of power and its abuse.


Book review: West Girls, Laura Elizabeth Woollett

Sharp and clever, West Girls dives into the murky world of modelling.

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