Elena Perse

Elena Perse is a Master of Professional Writing and Publishing student and book lover. Her work has been published by Pelican Magazine, Westerly Magazine and FRINGEWORLD.

Elena's Latest Articles


Book review: Blackwater, Jacqueline Ross

A slow build Gothic debut has ties to historical Tasmania.


Theatre review: Homeward Bound

A voyage through time and space through the eyes of an astronaut far from a ravaged earth.


Book review: Iris, Fiona McGregor

An historical fiction that delves into Sydney's less than salubrious side.


Book review: The Brink, Holden Sheppard

Sheppard's second book is an exploration of masculinity, sexuality, and mental health.


Book review: Hydra, Adriane Howell

A suspenseful debut that explores loneliness, self-destruction and female agency.


Book review: My Heart is a Little Wild Thing, Nigel Featherstone

This tender story of family and relationships is also a coming-out tale that sees the protagonist wresting control of his…


Theatre review: Toast

Siblings bicker, reminisce and unite in the wake of loss.


Book review: Root and Branch, Eda Gunaydin

Twelve essays explore inheritance, family, identity and place through the lens of Turkish-Australian culture.


Book review: Loveland, Robert Lukins

A braided, cross-generation narrative about trauma and freedom.


Theatre review: Leo/Taurus/Taurus, Blue Room Theatre

Where do you fit in? A play that questions the pigeonholes that shape you.

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