Charmaine Idris

Art sparks my imagination. Uplifts my soul. Without it, I would shrivel up and become dust. An aimless wanderer searching for that next theatre fix, book fix, cinema fix. My first play was cathartic in reconciling my past so that I could be present in the present.

Charmaine's Latest Articles

Nadiah NfuZion, Dance Summer Camp 2017, Portugal. Photo: David Velez Photography. A large crowd of people gathering in front of an outdoor stage for an energetic dance class.

Bridging the diversity gap through art

A showcase of creatives who use their respective arts practices to enrich, uplift and educate.

Aerialist Lauren Watson in a scene from 'NERVE'. Photo: Cinnamon Smith. A performer with her leg and arms raised, balancing on her sitting bones. The background is pitch black with soft lights illuminating her body.

A matter of perception 

Disabled entrepreneurs who choose the arts to engage with their audiences.

Leave. Adam Wheeler speaks of moving back to Tasmania after 17 years in Melbourne. Image: ‘Body Body Commodity’ by Jenni Large and Tasdance. Photo: Gabriel Comerford. Three dancers on a dark stage wear pastel-coloured leotards and play with large shape forms on their bodies, while in the background a solo violinist is spotlit.

To leave, or not to leave – this is the question

Three creatives reveal how the grass is greener where you water it, and how their arts practices were enhanced by…

'Is That You, Ruthie?'. Two First Nations women are on stage in a dormitory, one sitting on the floor, one crouching underneath a metal framed bed. They are wearing grey tunics and playing with small wooden figurines.

Theatre review: Is That You, Ruthie?, Cremorne Theatre

A theatrical journey that resonates as a testament to the strength of truth-telling. 

Sculpture on the Edge 2023, indoor viewing area. Photo: Barry John Alsop. An array of sculptures in a large well-lit hall. On the left hand-side is a 3D artwork depicting a woman’s face.

Sculpture on the Edge promises an immersive experience to suit all abilities

Embark on a sensory journey through an eclectic mix of original sculptures in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Affordable Art Fair. Image is two women smiling and talking to each other about art works, with art on the walls behind them. One woman is wearing a mustard colour short sleeved shirt and has brown hair held back in a clip and a lanyard, the other has longer dark hair and a black shirt with red lanyard.

Affordable Art Fairs – bridging the gap between desire and affordability

A global phenomenon, the Affordable Art Fair seeks to democratise collecting art and has announced Brisbane as its next destination.

Vietgone. Image is of a stage with a man in army fatigues sitting on a bottom bunk and reading a very very long letter, while a grinning man and woman hang off the top bunk.

Theatre review: Vietgone, QPAC

An inventive and genre-bending live-action theatrical cartoon that superbly captures the epic narratives of lives shaped by history.

Every Brilliant Thing. Image is man behind blue swathes to make it look as if he's in a pool. He has a big smile on his face.

Theatre review: Every Brilliant Thing, New Benner Theatre

If you were to compile a list of everything that makes life worth living and truly brilliant, what would it…

WOW. Image is of a group of people all wearing extreme, colourful and wildly inventive costumes.

World of WearableArt goes beyond imagination

2023 World of WearableArt: BEYOND was an exploration into a boundless realm where artistry, innovation and imagination intertwined.

Betsy and I. Two figures fist-bumping each other on a darkened stage. The figure on the right is a woman with brown hair and wearing a purple dress. The figure on the right is a woman with brown pigtails wearing a light purple jumpsuit.

Theatre review: Betsy and I (Undercover Artist Festival), Queensland Theatre

A new, disability led, semi-autobiographical performance that explores the relationship of a person with a disability through her friendship with…

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