Bridging the diversity gap through art

A showcase of creatives who use their respective arts practices to enrich, uplift and educate.
Nadiah NfuZion, Dance Summer Camp 2017, Portugal. Photo: David Velez Photography. A large crowd of people gathering in front of an outdoor stage for an energetic dance class.

A recent document by Creative Australia stipulates that all Australians should have equal access to arts and creativity. The document also goes on to state that all Australians should have the opportunity to connect and immerse themselves in exceptional arts experiences. 

The goal of Australia’s National Cultural Policy Revive is to ensure that, over the next five years, there is ‘a place for every story, and a story for every place’. It aims to encourage Australia’s arts practitioners to thrive and grow so that arts, culture and heritage are repositioned as central to Australia’s future.

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Art sparks my imagination. Uplifts my soul. Without it, I would shrivel up and become dust. An aimless wanderer searching for that next theatre fix, book fix, cinema fix. My first play was cathartic in reconciling my past so that I could be present in the present.