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Venus Without Furs. On the left a shot of the author, who is a middle aged white woman with short brushed back grey hair. She has glasses on her head, a green and black dress and is standing in front of a microphone reading from a book. On the right is a book cover showing an artistic nude looking to the right and her mirror double looking to the left.

Book review: Venus Without Furs, Gabrielle Everall

A collection of poetry that riffs and talks back to Leopold von Sascher-Masoch, author of notorious classic 'Venus in Furs'.

Raw Salt. Image is a young woman with long dark wavy hair on the left standing in front of external foliage, body turned slight to her right, wearing black polo neck jumper under black and white patterned sleeveless dress. She has dark red lipstick and a slight smile. On the right is a book cover of close-up of a public phone push button pad, above the book's title in a grey stripe at the bottom.

Book review: Raw Salt, Izzy Roberts-Orr

This debut poetry collection canvasses death and the environment, mourning and memory.

Ghost Poetry. On the left is a book cover with a close-up of a horse's face. On the right is an author image of a young man in a field, with his hands in his pockets and looking off to the right.

Book Review: Ghost Poetry, Robbie Coburn

A poetry collection that reflects deeply on trauma, loss and hope.

Who Comes Calling? On the left is a red and blue abstract book cover, on the right a head and shoulders author image of a woman of Asian appearance with shoulder length straight black hair parted in the middle and a grey short sleeved T shirt.

Book review: Who Comes Calling?, Miriam Wei Wei Lo

Miriam Wei Wei Lo's second poetry collection explores motherhood, immigration, religion and the creative life.

Two panels. Left with black and white portrait of a woman with dark hair and glasses. Right is cover of a book, called Television.

Book review: Television, Kate Middleton

An ode to the ways in which television nurtures our self-understanding.

Anne-Marie Te Whiu holding a copy of Woven.

Book review: Woven, edited by Anne-Marie Te Whiu

A poetry collection that weaves together First Nations voices from around the globe.

gawimarra gathering. Image on the left is a book cover with a pale yellow background and long gum leaves and bell shaped flowers hanging down. On the right the author shot is an upper body picture of a smiling woman with long black hair and a fringe, wearing a dark brown shirt and brown cardigan, with her arms behind her back and some trees and a building behind her.

Book review: gawimarra gathering, Jeanine Leane

Jeanine Leane's latest poetry collection reflects deeply on Country, culture and kinship.

If there is a butterfly that drinks tears. on the left is an author's shot of a woman with short brown hair dressed in black and holding her arm in front of her. There is a blue and green backdrop. On the right is a book cover with an abstract pale image of a vertical line and large grey dot.

Book review: If There Is a Butterfly That Drinks Tears, Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon

A poetry collection that meditates on the complexities of motherhood.

Image: Supplied. On the left is a photo of a women with light skin and long brown hair looking at the viewer and smiling. Her hand is placed below her chin and she is leaning on a table, wearing a short sleeve black tshirt. The right is the cover of the collection, with bright pink background and curvy letters spelling out 'She's Not Normal'.

Book review: She's Not Normal, Koraly Dimitriadis

While some poems are laced with humour and others dwell in darkness, this collection spans the female experience, from migrant…

A Brief History of Thought. Image is on the left an upper body shot of author John Bryson, a bald-headed smiling man in a dark shirt and light jacket, on the right a book cover with an illustration of a headshot of the same man in sepia but looking dour.

Book review: A Brief History of Thought – Unfinished, John Bryson

If anyone is up to the ambitious task of analysing the history of thought, it is the author of 'Evil…

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