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Intimate photography is on the rise. Image is a naked woman shot from behind and from the middle of her back down, sitting on the floor with her arms held out to her side and bathed in a warm sunny glow.

Intimate photography: the new therapy?

Photographers are enjoying a rise in nude, boudoir and intimate photography. But the results are surprising everyone.


Irish Film Festival Australia launches 2023 program

Doing justice to the cinematic output of a entire nation is ‘very challenging,’ says Irish Film Festival Australia Festival Director…


The rise of South Australian film festivals

Emerging and diverse filmmakers in SA have more opportunities to show their work with the rise in local film festivals.


Carmen producer Rosemary Blight on Millepied’s bold reimagining of Bizet’s opera

Australian screen producer Rosemary Blight reveals that Paul Mescal didn't know how to dance, box or play guitar before filming…


Weekend guide: top streaming and cinema releases 21–23 October

Our guide to the best streaming shows and cinema treats for the weekend of 21-23 October 2022 in Australia.


What’s streaming in September 2022: Australian guide

What's streaming in Australia this September? We've got you covered.


Does changing the score change a film? Hear My Eyes with Haydn Green

Whether it's a cerebral thriller or a sensory drama, Hear My Eyes is determined to change the film-going experience to…

Olapido O'Fresh shooting Number One

Smartphone feature film production rises and rises

As the funding environment gets worse, smartphone filmmakers get organised and grow their aesthetic.