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Exhibition review: Jessica Loughlin: of light

Glass pieces that reflect the immersion of land, lake and sky.


Exhibition review: Small Dreams

Twelve artists display their miniature works.


Exhibition review: Objects In-between, Bic Tieu

A visual language that uses objects to explore cultural hybridity.


Performance review: Alluvial Gold

A sonic exploration of the magical worlds below the surface of our rivers.


Exhibition review: After Fairweather

Ian Fairweather’s legacy through the eyes of contemporary First Nations and diaspora artists.

Visitors at National Emerging Art Prize, 2021 looking at art

Newest prize on the block bolsters emerging careers

Extending cash prizes with a solo exhibition and access to collectors via the Michael Reid Gallery network, the National Emerging…


Exhibition review: Doppelgänger and Zombies

Re-animated furniture for the living dead at The David Roche Foundation’s House Museum.

2022 indigenous ceramic award

Boundary-pushing Indigenous Ceramic Award unveils 2022 finalists

Over 20 Indigenous artists will showcase the different possibilities of ceramics in the 2022 Indigenous Ceramic Award finalists’ exhibition at…


Japanese avant-garde ceramicists test the limits of clay

Documenting a shift from function to form, Catherine Speck looks at AGSA’s latest exhibition on Japanese ceramics.

Portrait of potter Merran Esson

Vale to ceramicist Merran Esson

Ceramicist Merran Esson left her mark through a 40-year-long career and passion for making.

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