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A young white man dressed as Harry Potter branding a wand, crossing that with a star wand brandished by an other young white man wearing devil's horns.

Hairy Potter – selling a show when the author is persona non grata

While the creator of the Potter-verse may no longer be everyone's favourite multimillionaire, there are still plenty in the sector…

Future of Arts, Culture & Technology Symposium 2024 at ACMI, ‘Presenting the new canon in 2050’ panel. Photo: Gianna Rizzo. People sitting in a dark cinema with four people sitting on stage below a large screen showing a digital work (still). The work features a human figure moving their upper body with arms outstretched.

Predictions for the arts canon in 2050

The future ultimately hinges on what gets preserved now, where tech hardware, copyright and data protection run alongside ethical considerations.

Immersive experience. Image is of multicoloured tree trunks without leaves and a blue pathway leading through them.

A look at the immersive shift in Australia's cultural sector and how to fund it

REMIX Summit 2023 in Perth delved into "The Immersive Revolution" and what this could mean for funding models in Australia.

A black and white image of six figures dancing in a circle. Their arms are outstretched as some of them bend backwards and others inwards. They are wearing black crop tops.

Site-specific dance in the digital world

How are artists and dance companies creating a sense of place, physicality and location across a screen?

Education & Student News

Why I’m studying… Game Design and Production

Third-year UniSA student Emily Brown talks about her passion for 3D modelling, her pathway to study and advice for other…

A white and grey human sized robot looking down against a grey sky.

Sharp rise of AI: artists’ friend or foe?

Artists’ views on whether AI is an ally or enemy in this bold new era.

Light artist Bruce Ramus holding a drone

Uluṟu drones – more than ‘clip art in the sky’

ArtsHub speaks with a drone technologist on creating memories above Country, in a world-first permanent drone show to drive Australian…


Asian Australian voices amplified

A new podcast takes a deep dive into everyday lives, from the footy fields, to a tofu factory, to the…

Career Advice

7 Podcasts to boost your creativity

Be inspired by these podcasts about the creative process, from Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Magic Lessons' to Seth Godin's 'Akimbo'.


Life as a professional podcaster and narrator

ArtsHub talks to two women who are thriving in this still relatively new industry.

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