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Two panels. On the left is a brunette woman with long hair. She is smiling and standing in front of a bookcase. On the right is the cover of a book that says 'Love, Death & Other Scenes' in white font, will and illustration of a couple lying on a bed. You can only see the top of their heads and their arms.

Book review: Love, Death & Other Scenes, Nova Weetman

A memoir that tracks the love and loss of a long-term partner.

Two panels. On left is a bald man wearing a floral short sleeve shirt standing in front of foliage. On the right is the cover of a book titled 'Aussie Rock Anthems" in red, blue, black and white colours.

Book review: Aussie Rock Anthems: The Stories Behind Our Biggest Hit Songs, Glen Humphries

Music journalist Glen Humphries’ slick, passionate, photo-packed celebration of Australian rock hits some targets but misses others.

Two panels. The left shows a photo of an Asian woman with long black hair, wearing a white dress and carrying a pink rose. The right panel shows the book cover of 'Safe' Space, which is pink.

Book review: Safe Space, Alyssa Huynh

A memoir that tracks the author's lived experience with racism as an Asian-Australian woman.

Melbourne Art Book Fair returns for its 10th anniversary. Photo: Sean Fennessy. Photo of different art books with a range of bespoke covers.

Are art books an anomaly in the publishing industry?

As Melbourne Art Book Fair gears for its 10th anniversary, ArtsHub asks how art and design books have survived the…

Loving My Lying, Dying, Cheating Husband. Image on left is a black and white author headshot of a 40-something white woman with a blonde fringed bob and glasses, and an open necked shirt, smiling at the camera. On the right is a book cover depicting a large blue expanse of the sea and a bird's eye view of a small boat with a white triangular wake coming from it.

Book review: Loving My Lying, Dying, Cheating Husband, Kerstin Pilz

'Till death do us part' is put to the test in this heartbreaking memoir.

Model Minority Gone Rogue. Qin Qin. Image on left is an author shot from the waist up of a young woman of Chinese appearance wearing a grey top with lapels and glasses. She has shoulder length dark hair and her body is facing the left, with her head turned to smile at the camera. On the right is a green book cover of featuring a small Chinese girl holding a pink umbrella and wearing pink tights, a red jumper, green boots and a grey skirt. She is smiling at the camera.

Book review: Model Minority Gone Rogue, Qin Qin 

A memoir that tracks what happens when a formerly dutiful child decides to pursue her own path.

Excitable Boy. Image on left is a head and shoulders shot of a white man in his 30s wearing a blue shirt under a grey jumper. On the right is a book cover with a photo of a young ragamuffin boy standing on a garden path between bushes and with a cigarette in his hand.

Book review: Excitable Boy: Essays on Risk, Dominic Gordon

Dominic Gordon's first book takes us down Melbourne's lesser known paths.

On the left is an author's head shot of a white man in a black shirt, with his head slightly tilted to the left. On the right is a book cover of Deep Water with an image of coral and underwater plants beneath a dark sea.

Book review: Deep Water, James Bradley

A hugely impressive work that deserves and demands attention.

Illustration from 'Our Flag, Our Story' children's book about the Torres Strait Islander flag. Eight smiling children stand in front of the flag, hills and ocean.

Sharing the story behind the Torres Strait Islander flag in new children's book

The book was co-authored by the son of flag's original designer, continuing the story's legacy.

Plot Twist. Jana Firestone. Image is on the left a young woman with shoulder length fair wavy hair parted in the middle and a leopard print top. She has one hand on her hip. On the right is a purple book cover with a looped pink arrow crossing the front over the title.

Book review: Plot Twist, Jana Firestone

A self-help guide to surviving life’s curveballs.

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