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Two panels. On the left is a photo of a man with dark hair wearing a black t-shirt. On the right is the cover of a book with 'Oblivion' in white. There's a picture of a silhouette woman overlaid with views of a city.

Book review: Oblivion, Patrick Holland

Holland's latest novel is the antithesis to a high-octane thriller.

Two panels. On left is a profile photo of a woman with wavy hair tied up. She has a khaki shirt on. On right is book cover with "The Mire" in yellow overlaying image of a bird flying over a swamp.

Book review: The Mires, Tina Makereti

Set in the near future, the novel tracks a small community through explorations of place, ideology and ecology.

Two panels. On the left, a woman with curly brown hair is standing against a colourful wall. On the right is the cover of a book. The image is of a face set among golden honeycomb. The words "Alice Robinson" and "If you Go" are broken up.

Book review: If You Go, Alice Robinson

The relationships between mothers and children are explored in a futuristic setting.

Two panels. On left is of a man with dark hair wearing a grey jumper. He is smilling. On the right is cover of a book with the words 'R.E.Generation' set against a forest background.

Book review: R.E.Generation, Michael Prewer

A dystopian novel that sees climate change erase mammalian life forms. What now?

Two panels. On the left is a blonde woman with glasses and a black top. On the right is a cover of a book with 'The Cautious Traveller's Guide to the Wastelands' written in black. The cover is black and tan with a picture of an incoming train.

Book review: The Cautious Traveller’s Guide to the Wastelands, Sarah Brooks

A sweeping novel of strange lands, mysterious characters, and a train journey that will change the world.

Two panels. On the left is a headshot of a man. He's tanned with short cropped grey hair and wearing a black top. On the right is the cover of a book with 'The Afterlife Confessor' in neon pink and 'Last call for tell all' in neon blue. There is a picture of tombstones in a graveyard in pink and blue shades.

Book review: The Afterlife Confessional, Bill Edgar

A unique and heady mix of bereavement, repentance, revenge and regret.

Two panels. On the left is a brunette woman with long hair. She is smiling and standing in front of a bookcase. On the right is the cover of a book that says 'Love, Death & Other Scenes' in white font, will and illustration of a couple lying on a bed. You can only see the top of their heads and their arms.

Book review: Love, Death & Other Scenes, Nova Weetman

A memoir that tracks the love and loss of a long-term partner.

Two panels. On left is a bald man wearing a floral short sleeve shirt standing in front of foliage. On the right is the cover of a book titled 'Aussie Rock Anthems" in red, blue, black and white colours.

Book review: Aussie Rock Anthems: The Stories Behind Our Biggest Hit Songs, Glen Humphries

Music journalist Glen Humphries’ slick, passionate, photo-packed celebration of Australian rock hits some targets but misses others.

An Asian woman wearing glasses and a white shirt is standing in front of shrubbery. The Honeyeater.

Book review: The Honeyeaters, Jessie Tu

Jessie Tu's second novel canvasses the relationship between mother and daughter, literary translation and betrayal and love.

Two panels. On the left is a headshot of man with brown hair and a stubble. On the right is the cover of a book with 'Fool Me Twice' in yellow against a red background. "Benjamin Stevenson' is printed upside down.

Book review, Fool Me Twice, Benjamin Stevenson

Two baffling mysteries in one book, one featuring a kidnapping, the other a reality TV show.

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