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Three panels. A man is on the left, a woman on the right. The middle section is bare except for a wooden household object. The panels are lit inside but there is darkness surrounding them.

Theatre review: Macbeth (An Undoing), Malthouse Theatre

The Scottish play returns with a few modern twists and a (muddled) feminist focus on Lady Macbeth.

A crouching crowd all in black wearing gold masks.

Performance review: Mysterion: Descent Into Hades, Hellenic Museum

An immersive, interactive production where the audience has to undergo quests to unlock the secrets of immortality.


Theatre review: Little Blue Dot, Monash University

What do a team of astrophysicists have to do with making children’s theatre?

Two men dressed casually in hoodies stand between another man who is stuck inside a tall, caged structure.

Theatre review: Famished Future Feeders, New Benner Theatre, Metro Arts

Exploring diverse elements of a darkly dystopian future, this well-staged production features promising new talent. 

A woman dressed in pants and a long coat is standing in front of a large screen with an image of a close up headshot of a fuzzy pink and long-haired creature with fangs.

Theatre review: Dracula, Roslyn Packer Theatre

Director Kip Williams returns with his third 'cine-theatre' production of a Gothic trilogy.

Two young women are seated and looking at each other, hand in hand. The one on the left is fair, the one of the right is brunette. Behind them is shelving with a collection of glass containers.

Theatre review: Recollection, fortyfivedownstairs

How do you capture and preserve the smell of someone once they are gone?

A woman with brown hair and a pink dress and an open book on her lap is sitting next to a man dressed up as a beast, with horns and facial hair. There is a backdrop of a library.

Musical review: Beauty and the Beast the Musical, Her Majesty's Theatre

A fun night out for the whole family thanks to theatrical magic and big budget spectacle. 

Against pink swirly drapes, a man and a woman are sitting on chairs. She on the left is dressed in an old fashioned dress and a wide brimmed hat and carrying a clipboard. He is wearing modern clothes: pants and a shirt. He has his arms wide, in the middle of talking.

Theatre review: The Platypus, Theatre Works

An unflinching play based on real experiences that hits a little too close to home.

A woman with her hair in a bun is standing spotlit in centre of stage. She is wearing silver blouse and black pants and carrying a bouquet of roses. Petals are strewn below her. A band can be seen playing around her, in semi darkness.

Theatre review: Master Class, Ensemble Theatre

Terrence McNally’s play about opera legend Maria Callas gives us a masterclass in stagecraft.

A woman is standing in front of a red curtain drape. She has dark hair and is dressed in black, with red trim. She is gesticulating, with arms stretched out, dramatically.

Cabaret review: The Exotic Lives of Lola Montez, Chapel Off Chapel

A cabaret tribute to the scandalous 19th century dancer and performer.

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