ADELAIDE FRINGE FESTIVAL - Circus Trick Tease is performed in The Garden of Unearthly Delights in Adelaide’s East End, and this show is pure entertainment from start to end.


Performed in The Garden of Unearthly Delights in Adelaide’s East End, this show is pure entertainment from start to end. If you have not been to The Garden it is a must do. Being a Saturday evening it was extremely busy with many distractions along the way. There is so much going on, and we were waist deep in what seemed like thousands of people lining up to see shows, but we finally managed to wade through and find our way to the venue for the show Ringside.

Ringside takes place in an outdoor amphitheatre and clearly the word was out because we were in a sold out performance. The performers are wandering around whilst the audience are settling in, which adds to the intimacy of the evening.

There are three incredibly talented performers, Malia Walsh as Miss Sparkles is just fantastic in every way. Not only is she extremely talented in her skill as an acrobat, but her sharp wit coupled with an uncanny ability to keep the audience enthralled is magic. Her facial expressions alone have you reeling with laughter. A very polished performer who knows how to entertain.

Farhad Ahadi is the unassuming performer of this trio. Early in the piece it is not clear what his role is, however this soon becomes evident as he begins showcasing his amazing talent. With headstands and handstands, some of which are hard to comprehend, he balances on three trunks about three metres off the ground and for good measure pops a wine bottle upside down and does his headstand on that!

Finally, there is Shannon McGurgan aka Strong Man. Well there was no denying that he is that and so much more! Literally the anchor, he lifts, twirls, balances and throws in a wicked sense of humour along the way. There is a seductive side to him which is exploited perfectly to create a “three’s a crowd” scenario amongst the performers. Whilst the humorous side makes this show lots of fun, one cannot ignore the raw talent on display.

The acrobatics are performed for the most part on an empty stage with a backdrop of two transparent screens which allows the audience to view the backstage antics. This is often just as enthralling as what is happening on the main stage, and intentional or not, the backstage melodrama has the audience laughing raucously. Costume changes, drinking, smoking and even a simulated sex scene is viewed in shadow and is hilarious!

The music is a perfect match, together with the costumes, all inspired from the 1940’s vaudeville and paired with dance sequences including jive and rock ‘n roll. Ringside is wonderfully energetic, humorous and simply awesome. The artists’ ability to perform these sometimes death defying acts whilst still maintaining a sense of fun is amazing.

Ringside is a multi-dimensioned work oozing talent, humour and pure entertainment for the entire hour. A great night out and money well spent!

ADELAIDE FRINGE FESTIVAL – Ringside runs until the end of the Adelaide Fringe, (21 March) and tickets cost from $1.75 to $22.75

Tracy Gunn
About the Author
Tracy Gunn resides in Adelaide since immigrating to Australia in early 1986. She is married with 3 young daughters and works part time in the Hotel industry. She enjoys reading and writing short stories, some of which she is hoping will one day be published. She has been an avid visitor to the Fringe Festival and its many diverse performances since its inception in.