YouTube finds a safe harbour

CREATIVE INDUSTRIES: For the last couple of years, media giant Viacom has been trying to prove that YouTube, and its owner Google, has been committing ‘massive copyright infringement’ but last month, the US District Court Judge, Louis Stanton, handed down his summary judgement in favour of YouTube.
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It’s a worldwide epidemic, we’ve become digital addicts, and it’s happened really fast. You know who you are. You twitter, you hyperlink, you network and upload, you download, listen, watch, copy, mash stuff up and send you creations back out – ‘there’ to be shared. The internet has become an incredible source of inspiration and interconnection, a place to express creativity and a means to promote and market artists. But there’s always been the niggling issue, who’s paying for all this? How can we make money from it? Who ‘owns’ what? And what counts as stealing?

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Fiona Mackrell
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