We need to talk about the arts: why declining media coverage hurts us all

How can we have a meaningful cultural conversation when arts coverage in the media is on life support?

The arts in Australia should be thriving. The recently released Australia Council report Creating Our Future: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey reveals significant growth and value perception in the arts. Key findings showed that a resounding 98% of Australians engaged with arts and culture and 84% acknowledged its positive impacts.

This seemingly glowing report card appears to indicate that the sector was making a vital contribution to the economy and our sense of wellbeing, and in great shape before the devastation of COVID. So why is arts coverage in the media struggling along on life support?

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Dr Diana Carroll
About the Author
Dr Diana Carroll is a writer, speaker, and reviewer based in Adelaide. Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines including the SMH, the Oz, Woman's Day, and B&T. Writing about the arts is one of her great passions.