How social media is changing the way we experience art

From watching the Arc de Triomphe get wrapped up on Snapchat, to learning art history on TikTok - social media has changed the way we experience art. But is it genuine?
L'Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped. Image Shutterstock.

Sixty years ago, world-renowned artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, best known for covering famous buildings around the world, envisioned wrapping Paris’s monumental Arc de Triomphe.

Today, the 49.5-metre-tall monument has been successfully covered by 25,000 square metres of silvery fabric. The best part? Thanks to social media everyone around the world has an opportunity to enjoy the eye-catching installation. From a 24/7 Livestream to Snapchat’s AR experience, there’s no need to fly to Paris.

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Giselle Bueti has written for publications such as The Advertiser, The Adelaide Review, RIP IT UP, BMA magazine and Yewth Mag. Previously, Giselle worked as Arts Editor for The AU Review and Content Growth Editor at ArtsHub. She is based in Melbourne, Victoria.