Diablo 4 revives classical art for a new generation

It's not often you see a blockbuster game try to foster classical art appreciation. But that's seemingly what the Diablo 4 art team strived to do.
Diablo 4 Classic Art Old Masters

It’s June 2023, and a surge of over 2.5 million people are feverishly engaging with contemporary implementations of pre-20th century European art styles and techniques. The work isn’t in a gallery, sadly (or perhaps thankfully, given the hypothetical crowds), but it’s contained within Diablo 4, a gothic action role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

The latest entry in an almost 30-year-old series, Diablo 4 has struck a chord for not only being the biggest and best yet, according to critics, but the boldest as well, with a striking art direction that brings its dark gothic world to life through the lens of Baroque and Romantic era painting styles.

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