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Literary journal. A freshly sharpened pencil sits amid pencils shavings and a pencil sharpener on a blank page, suggesting the start of a new creative writing project.

New literary journal set to enrich Australia's cultural landscape

The new journal is driven by Writers SA with the support of the state’s three universities and Arts South Australia.

Greater City Shadows. Image is an author shot of a smiling middle aged man with a receding hairline resting his palm on his cheek and wearing a grey suit jacket over an open necked blue shirt. Inset is an image of the book cover, with an abstract green front.

Book review: Greater City Shadows, Laurie Steed

This collection of short stories is an intimate and evocative appraisal of relationships.

Edenglassie. Picture on left is a headshot of a smiling middle aged woman with short grey hair brushed back. On the right is an orange book cover decorated by vintage rifles and spears.

Book review: Edenglassie, Melissa Lucashenko

This epic book traces the lives of two characters over two different timelines.

Women & Children. Image is on the left a grey haired man in a white t-shirt and on the right a book cover with a woman in a hat and coat, 1960s style, standing next to a young girl in a confirmation outfit.

Book review: Women & Children, Tony Birch

Tony Birch's latest novel canvasses violence, race and religion.

Maude Horton's Glorious Revenge. Left hand image is a book cover illustration of a large green flask with the book title on the label, right hand image is a young blonde woman with long hair wearing a white top and tilting her head to the right while smiling at the camera.

Book review: Maude Horton’s Glorious Revenge, Lizzie Pook

An intriguing though somewhat far-fetched historical fiction. 

Feast. Image is author's headshot on left, a woman with long dark hair, a fringe and red lipstick, looking at the camera three-quarters on. On the right is a book cover with a pair of bare legs against a net curtain and balloons

Book review: Feast, Emily O'Grady

An unsettling, creepy story about dysfunctional families and slowly unravelling secrets.

'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown' at Geelong Arts Centre. Photo: Michael Mason. Six performers dressed in colourful attire on stage with the background of a cartoonish park. They are posing in a group with happy and cheeky expressions.

Theatre review: You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Geelong Arts Centre

A vibrant production of the Charlie Brown franchise offers outstanding performances, but some outdated tropes.

Photograph of a road sign warning of traffic lights ahead that is half-submerged in floodwaters.

Why writing 'cli-fi' might relieve your eco-anxiety

How does writing fiction focused on climate change impact those who write it? Dr Rachel Hennessy, Alex Cothren and Amy…

Photo: Jill Kerswill. Left: Photo of Melanie Saward, a woman with light skin and bright pink hair sitting with her hand across her lap, wearing a floral pink dress. In the background is a shelf filled with books. Right: Cover of 'Burn', depicting a shadow of a boy standing against a large flame.

Book review: Burn, Melanie Saward

A powerful debut fiction that reveals unsettling answers to 'Why are good kids misbehaving?'.


Book review: The Furphy Anthology 2023, edited by Joanne Holliman

These 16 stories were drawn from over 600 entries to the annual short story competition.

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