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Dance Clan 3

All great art is about storytelling, and all great storytelling is about the triumph of the human spirit.


Challenging dance for new audiences

The 2014 Carriageworks program promises intensive, experimental dance works from international and Australian artists.


Dance teacher charged with sex offences

A popular Sydney dance coach has been arrested on charges of taking naked photographs of his female students for nearly…

Opinions & Analysis

Dance is missing its essential partner

Dance has won a place in the arts curriculum but the policy will be a wallflower without the partnership of…


A massive celebration of contemporary dance

This year’s Dance Massive celebrates collaborations and venue-lead productions.


Dance like no one’s watching

In true NLNL style, Opus'13 is a dimly-lit dance floor where you can dance like no one’s watching.


Bangarra rekindles culture through youth dance

Youth Program Director Sidney Saltner heads Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Rekindling program to develop the future custodians of Indigenous cultures.


The fashion of dance

Ever watched a ballet performance and been mesmerised not only by the dance but the fashions? Those who have witnessed…


Finding words for dance's physicality

For dancers mediating movement through words and context destroys the purity of physical intimacy.


Tanja Liedtke’s last dance

'Life in Movement' is a splendid new documentary that pays tribute to the life and art of Tanja Liedtke. We…

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