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A regional Queensland university reawakens the creative arts

After an unprecedented year in the tertiary sector, University of Southern Queensland’s School of Creative Arts has launched a slate…


Film Review: Creed II

With this follow-up to 2015’s Creed, the Rocky franchise delivers its first direct follow-up with heft and weight.


The Innocents

Retracing history and probing iconography and assumptions, Anne Fontaine's convent-set drama steps beyond the monochrome.


Diversity and decolonisation: making the invisible visible

How do populations that have been historically subjected to the forces of imperialism not only prosper within the arts, but…


How to be a socially engaged artist

The path to making socially engaged art is paved with questions that a creative practitioner must ask themselves.


How to work the performing arts market

Advice for those working the room at the Australian Performing Arts Market applies to anyone with creative product they want…


God Willing

An attempt to offer an amusing look at science versus religion ends up testing faith on screen and off.


The Lobster

Slyly cynical yet unwavering beautiful, Yorgos Lanthimos' English-language debut is a stroke of social commentary brilliance.


Where no scientist has gone before...the arts

As the first scientist in residence at an art gallery and the first scientist to judge the Man Booker Prize,…


Regional arts leverages cultural tourism

Small towns are building big business with festivals and exhibitions that bring people from larger population centres.

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