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Tips from authors on running school workshops

Here are some recommendations to consider if you've ever wanted to know how to wrangle kids in the classroom as…


The arts news you may have missed

What's on, what's in the headlines, and the latest program releases – to put you ahead of the game this…


Book review: Release, Lucy Christopher

A companion piece to her earlier novel, this book explores notions of trauma, control and coercion.


Book review: Desire: A Reckoning, Jessie Cole

A memoir written in real-time with echoes of past-on-present.


Opportunities and awards

Saatchi launches new emerging artist prize, Neilma Sidney Literary Travel Fund inviting applications and 2022 William and Winifred Bowness Photography…


Why sensitivity readers matter

Sensitivity readers can not only identify misrepresentations of marginalised communities but also make books more authentic, Helen Young writes.


Book review: The Wrong Woman, J.P. Pomare

Pomare's fifth crime novel moves out of Australia and into rural America.


Book Review: Everything Feels Like the End of the World, Else Fitzgerald

An engaging collection of speculative short fictions depicting a dystopian Australia.


Book review: Hydra, Adriane Howell

A suspenseful debut that explores loneliness, self-destruction and female agency.


8 Australian graphic novels everyone should read

Whether you're new to comic books or looking to expand your reading list beyond the Big Two (Marvel and DC),…

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