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Developing a broad skillset. Two teenagers sit on park swings in a suburban landscape. One sits with his back to the camera, the other has twisted their swing around to talk to him.

How developing a broad skillset can help you flourish as a filmmaker

Screenwriter/producer Benji Menday and director Tatjana Hamilton’s short film ‘Bottleneck’ owes much to the skills they gained at AFTRS.

A painting of three young boys with their backs to us. The first one has a red and blue T-shirt and blue shorts. The other two are bare chested with dark-coloured shorts.

Artist-First art prize offers more support and fewer restrictions

The Basil Sellers Art Prize is pioneering cultural change in art prize practice with its Artist-First approach.

Two contemporary dancers make shapes with their bodies in a gallery setting.

New support for UK/Australian collaborations

The British Council has announced the opening of applications for its Connections Through Culture arts grants, supporting new cultural projects…

A headshot of a young man with wavy brown hair and a black top. He is grinning

Come in as a student leave as a professional

Studying for an MFA in Dramatic Writing offered opportunities not just for work, but also for life-long friends and collaborators.

Three women are out in a field. One is carrying another one on her shoulders. They are mid-dance. They are wearing flame-coloured clothing.

Art blooms in unexpected public places

Site-specific dance, public art and an artful flower festival will delight visitors and Canberrans alike, while also challenging preconceptions of…

Image is a blue pencil drawing on paper of three dogs fighting a boar.

How 65,000 years of culture can inform contemporary questions of identity

Every year the Cairns Art Gallery hosts exhibitions of Indigenous artists to coincide with CIAF. In 2024, a diversity of…

Group of dancers on stage wearing white shirts and purple lighting. Creative Australia.

Why being a peer can help your career

Creative Australia is seeking applications for its next pool of peers – it’s a paid role and can strengthen your…

Two female-presenting individuals pose for the camera. They both have a colourful 1980s-inspired look, as does the background of the photo. One wears a pink rubber glove and holds a blue scrubbing brush up to her eat like a telephone. The other wears a single yellow rubber glove and wields a feather duster like a sword. They are The Ironing Maidens, who are performing at Riverfest X.

Celebrating 10 years of transporting and transformative art and music

Rockhampton River Festival is a stimulating celebration of music, arts and ideas on the banks of the Fitzroy River.

Two people are sitting facing the audience with their backs to the viewer. There is a table between them. They are in mid-conversation.

A literal smorgasbord of literary and culinary delights

This year’s Bendigo Writers Festival has a food theme that reflects its designation as a UNESECO Creative City and Region…

A man in black is in the centre of a room surrounded by people. He's standing by a painting. There are other paintings around the room.

An online hub for creatives that supports and promotes artists

.ART is the domain that brings artists together and connects them with a wide international audience.

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