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Talking about languages and why sovereign peoples don’t want to be called Indigenous

A recent panel discussed the importance of language and self-determination for First Nations people.

Long open road in outback Australia. Tourism.
Opinions & Analysis

Surprises as most cultural Australian cities (per capita) revealed

Recent data shows that regional cities offer top cultural experiences.

Opinions & Analysis

Value starts with self-value, then honours follow

If we want to see more artists and arts workers included in the Order of Australia, we need to nominate…

detail of eye on money.
Opinions & Analysis

Questions raised over ‘Simpler. Fairer. Faster.’ arts funding model

Create NSW has announced a new approach to its arts funding model, but first reactions say it favours competitiveness over…

Image is a group of graduating university students, shot from behind, throwing their mortar boards in the air.
Opinions & Analysis

The misguided misfires of university pricing controls

You can lead the students to STEM, but if that's not how they think...

QSO Clerici conducts Mahler Photo: Stewart Tyrrell
Opinions & Analysis

The QSO, AI and the challenge of authenticity

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra has been criticised for its use of AI in an advertising campaign, but are we being…

Accessibility. A blue figure is in the background with a stream of pancake like yellow discs winding out in front of them like a path.
Opinions & Analysis

Mona Foma – working to increase accessibility

Accessibility is not a 'one and done' issue, but festivals like Mona Foma are moving in the right direction.

Community engaged. Image is a brick wall with three arched windows at the top filled in with corrugated iron. There is a frame wide mural on the bricks that says Together we Create!
Opinions & Analysis

What is community engaged practice?

Community engaged practice is not an art form. It’s not an add-on. It’s a way of working, a deep collaboration.

move on. Image is a small branch of yellowing leaves in the sunlight.
Opinions & Analysis

How do you know when it’s time to move on?

A recent Disability Arts Residency gave AAV's CEO the reassurance that the sector will be in good hands when she…

First Nations. Image is three coloured hands picking at a multicoloured sphere
Opinions & Analysis

Calls for a major First Nations arts body

There must be serious efforts to convene a major First Nations arts body so that we are all held to…

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