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detail of eye on money.
Opinions & Analysis

Questions raised over ‘Simpler. Fairer. Faster.’ arts funding model

Create NSW has announced a new approach to its arts funding model, but first reactions say it favours competitiveness over…

Image is a group of graduating university students, shot from behind, throwing their mortar boards in the air.
Opinions & Analysis

The misguided misfires of university pricing controls

You can lead the students to STEM, but if that's not how they think...

QSO Clerici conducts Mahler Photo: Stewart Tyrrell
Opinions & Analysis

The QSO, AI and the challenge of authenticity

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra has been criticised for its use of AI in an advertising campaign, but are we being…

Accessibility. A blue figure is in the background with a stream of pancake like yellow discs winding out in front of them like a path.
Opinions & Analysis

Mona Foma – working to increase accessibility

Accessibility is not a 'one and done' issue, but festivals like Mona Foma are moving in the right direction.

Community engaged. Image is a brick wall with three arched windows at the top filled in with corrugated iron. There is a frame wide mural on the bricks that says Together we Create!
Opinions & Analysis

What is community engaged practice?

Community engaged practice is not an art form. It’s not an add-on. It’s a way of working, a deep collaboration.

move on. Image is a small branch of yellowing leaves in the sunlight.
Opinions & Analysis

How do you know when it’s time to move on?

A recent Disability Arts Residency gave AAV's CEO the reassurance that the sector will be in good hands when she…

First Nations. Image is three coloured hands picking at a multicoloured sphere
Opinions & Analysis

Calls for a major First Nations arts body

There must be serious efforts to convene a major First Nations arts body so that we are all held to…

The future of the sector relies on navigating existing challenges. Image: Shutterstock.
Opinions & Analysis

The state of Indigenous art organisations in Gimuy/Cairns

The Indigenous art sector is facing a number of challenges, especially when skills development and skilled Indigenous personnel are at…

arts government, image is a statue of a man holding a scarf over his head and an angry face mask against his bare chest.
Opinions & Analysis

Reflections on government involvement in the arts in Australia

The arts and politics are forever entwined but governments of all stripes must see the sector as something to celebrate…

Still from Georgi Ivers' performance ‘You're So Brave’ (2022). During this part of the performance, Ivers is being attacked by voiceless enemies saying "your life must be so hard", "you're so brave" and "have you tried cutting out gluten?" in response to her symptoms. Photo: Minni Karamfiles.
Opinions & Analysis

The case for flexible journalism

Negotiating voice, agency and interview practices for disabled and neurodiverse creatives.

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