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Red coloured photographic portrait of a man from mid 19th century. Gauguin
Opinions & Analysis

Everything other than Gauguin: addressing the dilemma

We listen, we learn, we ponder, we argue with ourselves and, hopefully by the end of it, we gain a…

podcast. a line of people stand and smile at the camera

Australian Podcast Awards announce 2023 winners

Celebrating Australia's best and most popular audio content, this year's podcast awards gave 30 gongs to everything from true crime…


Asian Australian voices amplified

A new podcast takes a deep dive into everyday lives, from the footy fields, to a tofu factory, to the…

Career Advice

7 Podcasts to boost your creativity

Be inspired by these podcasts about the creative process, from Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Magic Lessons' to Seth Godin's 'Akimbo'.


Life as a professional podcaster and narrator

ArtsHub talks to two women who are thriving in this still relatively new industry.

A man with a colourful background and the word Artists Essentials Toolkit - Making a Podcast
Career Advice

Artists Essentials Toolkit #11: Making a podcast

In our latest Artists Essentials Toolkit video, we look at how to create a podcast from recording to sending your…

Aboriginal kids from cast of NEOMAD film, in Pilbara..

Indigenous-led digital platform changing in-class learning ahead of national curriculum

How a small Indigenous community in the Pilbara is changing the way our kids learn, and is set to shape…


Taking art and life to the extremes: The ArtsHubbub episode 15

In the latest episode of our podcast, journalist Jenny Valentish talks about how some people push themselves to extremes and…


New series RISING Podcast 2021: the audio guide to Melbourne’s winter festival

A new festival deserves a new approach to the way artists share and discuss the ideas that inform their work.