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Opinions & Analysis

Why are climate activists glueing themselves to paintings?

Climate activists are targeting priceless art to spread their message. Here's why the seemingly absurd act is more than a…

A close up of an Aboriginal artist's hand creating a new painting.
Opinions & Analysis

Protecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts

A new report, currently in draft form, focuses on ways to address fake 'Indigenous-style' art and support Aboriginal and Torres…


Do you agree? Australia's 10 most famous artworks

Some artworks are so enduring they shape the popular belief as being 'famed', while others are surprising in ranking as…


Audiences embrace festivals and blockbusters despite COVID risk

Australia reached a new record of COVID-related deaths this week but the news is not tempering arts audiences, who are…

The Centrelink logo photographed against a cloud-dappled sky.
Opinions & Analysis

Points-based jobseeker system will compromise artists’ work

Changes to the JobSeeker benefit scheme starting on 1 July will unduly impact artists, argues NAVA's Leya Reid.

Opinions & Analysis

From page to stage: bringing cartoons to life

Judy Horacek describes the process of working with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus on a show inspired by her cartoons.

Opinions & Analysis

How blockbusters can usher new thinking

Blockbusters offer a voltage of ideas between past and present, so how is a pandemic model ushering a new way…

Career Advice

Getting noticed, a letter to an emerging creative

Decorated arts writer/critic Andrew Wood wrote a series of open letters to creatives with this one focussing on getting noticed.

radiohead kid a mnesia exhibition ps5
Opinions & Analysis

Have Radiohead made a gallery from the PS5?

Legendary alternative band Radiohead have built a free interactive art exhibition for the PlayStation 5 and PC. It’s very cool.

A circle of sparks on a main road
Opinions & Analysis

‘Sculpting’ a plan, ‘igniting’ an economy

The recent Parliamentary Inquiry into the Arts has plenty to ignite passions and inspire change.

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