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Opinions & Analysis

Why are climate activists glueing themselves to paintings?

Climate activists are targeting priceless art to spread their message. Here's why the seemingly absurd act is more than a…

A dark-skinned woman with curly hair stands in profile to the camera. She is wearing a disposable surgical mask.
Opinions & Analysis

A show to die for

Chronically ill and disabled people are already familiar with judging risks to their lives. What can they teach the performing…

Opinions & Analysis

Greening the arts through collective action

Liv Satchell and Christian Taylor discuss the importance of sustainability plans and environmental awareness when creating new indie theatre productions.

Opinions & Analysis

Patricia Cornelius on urgency and risk

A call to arms and a caution issued by Patricia Cornelius at the recent Australian Playwrights’ Festival presented by Currency…

Opinions & Analysis

How art connects the two most distant but closest nations on Earth

Helen Salmon, Director of British Council Australia, reflects on the role of art in uniting our two nations.

Two First Nations actors one sitting on a couch, the other covered in blood.
Opinions & Analysis

First Nations drama shaping us in the 1990s

The potency of drama in the development of our national story has been greatly under appreciated, argues Professor Julian Meyrick…

Opinions & Analysis

From page to stage: bringing cartoons to life

Judy Horacek describes the process of working with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus on a show inspired by her cartoons.

A woman in black in a pose of falling against a red backdrop
Opinions & Analysis

Acting dangerously: confessions of a transformational actor

Performing means taking risks but what about when those risks threaten your mental health?

video game voice over artist
Opinions & Analysis

How to get into voice acting for video games

Thinking of getting into video game voice acting? We share some key tips for beginners.

Tasnim Hossain at Griffin Theatre readthroughs
Opinions & Analysis

'Why are you here?' How to make theatres more welcoming

From finding the box office to seeing other faces that look like yours, accessibility is about more than bathrooms and…

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