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a scene from Roslyn Oades' The Nightline where the audience are listening to audio on old telephones in a room with a performer

How the arts strengthen our democracy

In the countdown to election day, ArtsHub asked three independent artists how they feel their work contributes to our democracy.


John Kinsella on creative collaboration

The complexity and rewards of co-writing poetry across oceans and cultures.


Australia needs universal basic income for artists

Ireland has recently instituted a new scheme to pay artists an universal basic income, here’s what that would look like…


How to stop comparing and enjoy your own success (from the archives)

Comparing ourselves to other people is only natural, but it can get in the way of us creating our best…


Booktube and Booktok reaching new readers

These media platforms are a burgeoning influence in providing content about Australian books to a new audience.


Election resources for the arts

A list of resources to help campaign for the arts, from posting a banner on social media to how to…


Book festivals surviving setbacks and disaster

Brisbane and Sydney Writers' Festivals are launching in May after battling man-made and natural disasters.


Libraries around the world safeguard Ukrainian culture

Librarians and libraries across the world play a role in preserving and sharing Ukraine’s cultural history.

Page with book review written on it with scrumpled paper and typewriter beside it

What makes a perfect book review?

What are the rules of reviewing books? Ronan McDonald looks at the thorny cultural landscape of the contemporary criticism.


Hannah Gadsby on being an autistic queer comedian

RMIT PhD candidate Clem Bastow discusses comedian Hannah Gadsby’s new book, Ten Steps to Nanette, and how it relates her…

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