Comedy review: New Order, Powder Room, Town Hall, MICF 2024

A trio of UK-based comedians – Josh Jones, Celya Ab and Dan Tiernan.
A colourful pink and yellow striped background behind three headshots: on the left a woman with dark wavy hair, in the middle a man doing a 'Home Alone' face holding his cheeks and on the right a curly headed man. Melbourne International Comedy Festival. MICF 2024

Here’s a quick question: does no one think ‘new order’ is a bit of a dodgy expression to associate yourself with these days? Just wondering… It’s been used in the festival for some years, so perhaps no one else is making that connection anymore…

This year’s line-up comprises Josh Jones, Celya Ab and Dan Tiernan – a trio of UK-based comedians, apparently visiting these shores for the first time and perhaps not aware just how multicultural Melbourne is. And that not only will the crowd probably know quite a bit about the UK, but there’s a very good chance there will always be some Brits in the audience too, even with the small crowd the night this reviewer attended.

The low numbers clearly threw the individuals off their game a bit, though Jones fared best – his schtick revolving around his “camp Mancunian who can also box (or headbutt you) if needs arise” persona. Ab and Tiernan seemed a little more challenged by the size of the audience, with the former racing through her material and being a bit unlucky with the targets of her audience banter, while Tiernan couldn’t help but be distracted by the loud laughter coming from one of the other venues in the Town Hall.

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Tickets: $28-$35

New Order will be performed at The Powder Room, Melbourne Town Hall until 21 April 2024 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF 2024).

Amended at 5pm on 5 April 2024 to make it clear that the comedians in the line-up don’t pick the name of the show, that’s a done deal.

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