‘Original’ gig workers left behind by Labor’s IR Bill

Creative Workplaces was launched with the promise to raise workplace standards for arts workers, but is it able to deliver?

The Federal Government declared artists to be ‘the original gig workers’ in its National Cultural Policy, Revive, in January, but new legislation seeking to set enforceable minimum standards is leaving artists, and many other gig workers, behind.

A part of the Government’s promise in Revive was to establish Creative Workplaces, an advisory body within Creative Australia, to provide advice to workers and employers in the sector on pay, safety and welfare, and setting minimum standards.

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Grace Ellen Macpherson is a journalist, freelance writer and cultural agent based on unceded Cadigal land. She holds a Master of Arts and Cultural Management, and a Master of Theatre (Dramaturgy) from the University of Melbourne. She is currently a cadet journalist at News Corp Australia. Find her on Instagram @graceellenmacpherson or LinkedIn @Grace Ellen Macpherson.