New shows and films to stream in January 2024: Netflix, Binge, ABC iview and more …

Your guide to the best new shows on streaming platforms in Australia in January 2024.

Your guide to the best new shows and films to stream in Australia in January.

1 January

Best Interests (ABC iview)

A family faces a choice no parent wants to make. When your child is desperately ill, who decides what happens next? Heartbreaking drama with Sharon Horgan and Michael Sheen.

Changing Ends – Season 1 (ABC iview)

A comedy sitcom based on British comedian Alan Carr’s life in Northampton in the 1980s growing up as the son of a fourth division football manager.

Planet Lulin – Season 1 (ABC iview)

‘Planet Lulin’. Image: ABC.

Lulin wasn’t expecting to get alien powers or have intergalactic invaders crash the school science comp, but hey, grade six always has a few surprises.

Bromley: Light After Dark (DocPlay)

A profile of Australian painter David Bromley and his wife Yuge, and a rousing exploration of life, love and creativity. Read more.

McCartney 321 (ABC iview)

Paul McCartney sits down for a rare, in-depth, one on one with legendary producer Rick Rubin to discuss his groundbreaking work with The Beatles, the emblematic 70s arena rock of Wings and his 50 years and counting as a solo artist.

2 January

A Symphonic Odyssey With Professor Brian Cox (ABC iview)

Explore the universe with Professor Brian Cox and the Sydney Symphony as science and music combine at the Sydney Opera House.

3 January

Taskmaster UK New Year Special 2024 (Binge)

Dragons’ Den star and businesswoman Deborah Meaden, musician Kojey Radical, BAFTA-winning actor Lenny Rush, naturalist and explorer Steve Backshall, and television and radio presenter Zoe Ball put themselves in the hot seat, as Taskmaster Greg Davies and his assistant Alex Horne set them copious ridiculous challenges in this must-see one-off special.

Ishura – Season 1 (Disney+)

New anime series set in a world with a (deceased) Demon King and the demigods who have inherited it.

4 January

The Brothers Sun (Netflix)

When a mysterious enemy targets his family, a Taipei Triad member heads to Los Angeles to protect his strong-willed mother and oblivious younger brother. Stars Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien, Sam Song Li.

Society of the Snow (Netflix)

In 1972, a Uruguayan flight crashed in the remote heart of the Andes, forcing survivors to become each other’s best hope. A film by J A Bayona.

Grand Designs Transformations – Season 1 (ABC iview)

Remarkable stories, gripping drama, tips and takeaways and beautiful reveals, Grand Designs Transformations is an inspiring series that reflects the best of contemporary Australian design.

Martin Clunes: Islands of the Pacific (ABC iview)

The second part of Martin Clunes’ Pacific adventure, meeting people and getting to know about their lives, cultures and stories.

Screw (BritBox)

A drama series that presents the uncensored, shocking and (darkly) funny reality of being a prison officer in Britain.

5 January

Gyeongseong Creature – Part 2 (Netflix)

Gyeongseong, 1945. In Seoul’s grim era under colonial rule, an entrepreneur and a sleuth fight for survival and face a monster born of human greed. 

Good Grief (Netflix)

An artist grieving the loss of his beloved writer husband takes his two best friends on a trip to Paris, where they unpack messy secrets and hard truths. Stars Daniel Levy, Ruth Negga, Luke Evans and Himesh Pate.

James May: Our Man in India (Prime)

May takes on a 3000-mile coast-to-coast epic journey across India, from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal.

Love Sarah (BritBox)

In this film, starring Shannon Tarbet and Celia Imrie, a young woman looks to open a bakery in Notting Hill, London, with a little help from her friends and relatives

8 January

The Search for the Palace Letters (ABC iview)

This documentary tells the story of Professor Jenny Hocking, the historian who took on the Australian Government and HM Queen Elizabeth II in a landmark legal battle – and won.

Back Roads – Season 10 (ABC iview)

Take the road less travelled and visit some of the small towns and communities that make Australia special. Heather Ewart and guest presenters return to discover more remarkable stories and inspiring people you’ll never forget.

Australia’s Open (ABC iview)

Every January, the Australian Open commands global attention, but when off-court drama steals the show, Australia itself becomes part of the spectacle.

9 January

Death in Paradise: Christmas Special (BritBox)

A festive special of the long-running series in which a London detective finds himself on a Caribbean island investigating complex murders.

10 January

Grand Designs UK (Binge)

Kevin McCloud returns to follow some of the most ambitious home self-building projects around the UK. From a neo-Gothic cemetery lodge in south-west London to a derelict 17th century flour mill in Cornwall, they have to be seen to be believed. But will our homeowners stay within their budgets and schedules, or will their big dreams result in bigger blowouts?

Marvel Studios’ Echo (Disney+)

From Marvel Studios, Echo shines a spotlight on Maya Lopez as she is pursued by Wilson Fisk’s criminal empire. When the journey brings her home, she must confront her own family and legacy.

Bob’s Burgers – Season 14 (Disney+)

Bob Belcher is a third-generation restaurateur who runs Bob’s Burgers with his loving wife and their three children. Bob believes his burgers speak for themselves and isn’t afraid to offer a variety of off-beat creations. Bob’s wife, Linda, supports his dream, but is becoming sick of the slow times, as the restaurant is constantly in danger of going out of business.

The Secret Life of Dancing Dogs – Season 1 (Disney+)

A group of dog handlers and their canine companions from around the world prepare to compete at a dog show with a difference.

11 January

Boy Swallows Universe (Netflix)

A coming-of-age story set in 1980s Brisbane that blends the magic and innocence of youth with the brutal reality of the adult world. A lost father, a mute brother, a recovering addict mum, a heroin dealer for a stepfather and a notorious criminal for a babysitter. Eli Bell is just trying to follow his heart and understand what it means to become a good man, but fate keeps throwing obstacles in his way.

Ted – Season 1 (Binge)

‘Ted’. Image: Binge.

More than a decade after the foul-mouthed teddy bear named Ted came to life and ran amok in big-screen hit Ted, Seth MacFarlane’s talking bear is back. Eight-part series Ted takes audiences back to the 1990s as a teenage John Bennett (Max Burkholder) navigates high-school life in Boston with his fluffy best friend by his side in the years following Ted’s brief brush with fame.

Sonic Prime: Chapter 3 (Netflix)

After Nine steals the Paradox Prism to create a world all for himself, Sonic must team up with unlikely allies to protect the universe as he knows it.

Daughters of the Cult – Season 1 (Disney+)

A five-episode series looking at a splinter group of Mormon fundamentalist cult members who took part in a deadly wave of violence and abuse in the name of their leader, Ervil LeBaron

12 January

Lift (Netflix)

A professional thief and his expert crew attempt the ultimate heist: stealing $500 million in gold from a vault on a plane – 40,000 feet in the air.

13 January

Secrets of Penthouse – Season 1 (Binge)

When Bob Guccione founded Penthouse magazine in 1965, many believed he was crazy to take on Playboy – though he was soon laughing all the way to the bank, a multimillionaire pushing the boundaries of adult entertainment. However, upon his death in 2010, his entire fortune was gone. This four-part docuseries charts his epic rise and fall, as told by those who knew him best.

14 January

Belgravia: The Next Chapter – Season 1 (Binge)

Three decades after the events of the original series, Belgravia: The Next Chapter picks up in 1871 and centres on the story of Frederick Trenchard (Benjamin Wainwright). Following a whirlwind courtship, he marries Clara Dunn (Harriet Slater), a newcomer to Belgravia’s high society. However, Clara’s dreams of a happy union are dashed when she discovers just how deeply insecure her new husband has been left by his childhood, and she’ll need to fight for her marriage.

Darby & Joan (ABC iview)

Former cop Jack Darby and English nurse Joan Kirkhope collide in the outback and become entangled in a string of mysteries. Forming an unlikely investigative duo, they quickly realise the greatest mystery they face is each other.

Total Control – Season 3 (ABC iview)

‘Total Control’. Image: ABC.

Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths return in the final series of Total Control. Kingmaker Alex Irving is at the centre of power in the nation’s capital, but what she’s about to discover will test her like never before.

Muster Dogs – Season 2 (ABC iview)

Five Australian Border Collie puppies set out into the world to meet their new owners, establishing a lifelong bond as they take their first steps to becoming a Champion Muster Dog.

15 January

True Detective: Night Country – Season 4 (Binge)

‘True Detective: Night Country’. Image: Binge.

When eight men working at the Tsalal Arctic Research Station in Ennis, Alaska disappear during the last sunset of the year before “the long night”, Chief of Police Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) reluctantly reteams with her former partner, Trooper Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis), who is convinced a dismembered tongue found at the crime scene links back to an unsolved case from their past.

Maboroshi (Netflix)

A factory explosion plunges a small town into a timeless freeze, leaving 14-year-old Masamune and his pals to grapple with a quickly collapsing reality.

Room 999 (DocPlay)

David Cronenberg, Baz Luhrmann and Claire Denis, alongside a host of prominent directors, discuss cinema’s future in this riveting sequel to Wim Wenders’s 1982 classic Room 666.

16 January

The 75th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (Binge)

Live and on demand.

Death and Other Details (Disney+)

In this new series, the brilliant and restless Imogene Scott (Violett Beane) finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and becomes the prime suspect in a locked room murder mystery.

Father Brown – Season 11 (BritBox)

‘Father Brown’. Image: BBC Studios/Gary Moyes.

In the 1950s, Catholic priest Father Brown solves various crimes in his village, teaming up with fan-favourite Sister Boniface this season to solve a murder at an arts and crafts fair.

Ghosts – Season 4 (BritBox)

The doors of the crumbling country mansion creak open once more, seeing its living inhabitants and restless dead settle into a unique daily routine.

17 January

It Was Always Me – Season 2 (Disney+)

The return of the series in which a Mexican girl’s life takes a strange turn when she discovers her father, Colombia’s greatest music star, has died.

18 January

Drag Den with Manila Luzon (Prime)

Luzon returns with a new den, new rules, new judges and a new crop of drag queens.

19 January

Dance Life – Season 1 (Prime)

This documentary series follows a group of students throughout their all-consuming final year at the Australian dance studio, Brent Street.

Indian Police Force – Season 1 (Prime)

This action series follows Delhi Police Officer Kabir Malik as he comes face to face with Zarar, his terrorist adversary.

Ondine (BritBox)

Starring Colin Farrell, this film sees an Irish fisherman finding a woman in his fishing net who may or may not be a selkie.

Hazbin Hotel – Season 1 (Prime)

This adult animated musical comedy follows Charlie (the princess of Hell) as she tries to peacefully reduce overpopulation in her kingdom. 

LOL: Last One Laughing Ireland – Season 1 (Prime)

Graham Norton hosts 10 well-known comedians tasked with making each other laugh without cracking a smile themselves.

Cristobal Balenciaga – Season 1 (Disney+)

A new drama series that recreates the life and legacy of the Guetaria-born Spanish creator Balenciaga, one of the most iconic fashion designers of all time.

22 January

Citizen Ashe (DocPlay)

Experience the story of sports legend and social activist Arthur Ashe, who rose to prominence after he became the first African American to win the US Open.

Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People – Season 1 (Disney+)

From the elite growers who strive to create new superhot chilis to those who chase the endorphin rush of consuming them – join the quest to answer some truly spicy questions.

23 January

The Way Home – Season 2 (Binge)

The Way Home returns for its second season, starring Andie MacDowell. Following Kat’s (Chyler Leigh) declaration that she knew what happened to Jacob (Remy Smith), she’ll put her all into trying to find a way to bring her brother home. In the process, Kat and her mum Del (MacDowell) will make unexpected revelations about their origins that will bring some answers, but pose plenty more questions.

Sweet As (Prime)

‘Jub Clerc’s debut feature Sweet As is one of those rare films that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. From Katie Milwright’s stunning Pilbara-based cinematography, to the banger soundtrack by all-Indigenous artists, Sweet As is destined for “Aussie Classic” status.

‘Described simply as “an Indigenous teenager discovers photography during a youth trip in Western Australia,” Sweet As is a genuine must-see entry in the coming-of-age genre.’

Read: the ScreenHub review

Earth (ABC iview)

Narrated by Chris Packham and brought to life by mesmerising visual effects, Earth takes us back to a time when the sky and the seas were sepia-tinted and giant fungi dominated the landscape.

24 January

Queer Eye: Season 8 (Netflix)

The Fab Five return to the city of New Orleans to jazz up the lives of their heroes — one emotional makeover at a time.

A Real Bug’s Life (Disney+)

An adventure into nine different micro bug worlds around the globe, where the forces of nature play out on a miniature scale and where tiny creatures rely on amazing powers and extraordinary alliances to make it through each day.

25 January

Griselda (Netflix)

Griselda is inspired by the life of the savvy and ambitious Colombian Griselda Blanco, who created one of the most profitable cartels in history. In Miami in the 1970s and 80s, Blanco’s lethal blend of unsuspected savagery and charm helped her expertly navigate between business and family, leading her to become widely known as the Godmother.  

In the Know – Season 1 (Binge)

This adult animated series from Greg Daniels (The Simpsons), Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-Head) and Zach Woods (Veep) follows stop-motion puppet Lauren Caspian (voiced by Woods) – a well-meaning doofus and the third most popular host on public radio. Every episode takes audiences inside the making of his talk show, before he interviews his real-world guest.

Maryland (BritBox)

Estranged sisters Becca and Rosaline learn to love and respect one another all over again after a tragic event, discovering their late mother had been living a double life.

The Australian Wars (DocPlay)

This three-part documentary series from Blackfella Films investigates the frontier conflicts between 1788 and 1928 and their impact, and asks Australians who we are, and what we want to become.

Araatika: Rise Up! (DocPlay)

A group of NRL greats get together to create a pre-game ceremony to celebrate Aboriginal cultures, respond to the Maori Haka, and counter racism in rugby league.

26 January

Expats – Season 1 (Prime)

This show follows a group of women in Hong Kong following an encounter that sets off a chain of life-altering events, leaving everyone in a state of blame and/or accountability. Stars Nicole Kidman, Sarayu Blue, Ji-young Yoo, Brian Tee and Jack Huston.

Australia Day Live (ABC iview)

As the sun sets on the country’s national day, the Australia Day Live concert from the Sydney Opera House forecourt showcases musical performances from the nation’s best talent.

Cracks (BritBox)

Starring Eva Green, this film delves into the relationships between girls at an elite boarding school.

27 January

Flex X Cop – Season 1 (Disney+)

A new South Korean series starring Ahn Bo-hyun, Park Ji-hyun, Kang Sang-jun and Kim Shin-bi.

28 January

WWE Royal Rumble (Binge)

Live and on demand.

29 January

Nemesis (ABC iview)

This three-part ABC News docuseries will take you inside nine years of Australian Coalition governments under Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison in a revealing tale of politics, ambition and power. 

Corners of the Earth – Kamchatka (DocPlay)

Filmmakers Spencer Frost and Guy Williment and surfers Letty Mortenson and Fraser Dovell journey to Kamchatka in the far east of Russia in search of new waves along the frozen, unexplored coastline.

31 January

Vanderpump Rules – Season 11 (Binge)

In the wake of season 10’s shocking ‘Scandoval’ cheating scandal, the cast of Vanderpump Rules promises there will be plenty more drama when the reality favourite returns this month, but that things will also be ‘a little different’ as they try to move forward with their shattered friendship group.

Choir – Season 1 (Disney+)

The kids of the Detroit Youth Choir are preparing for the performance of their lifetime.

Information will be added about other streaming platforms when available.

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