Myth or truth: Do artists feel international engagement is overrated?

To mark International Artist Day, ArtsHub asked Australian artists how they felt about engaging with an international audience, or whether a home-grown audience is truly where the heart is.

In this ever-changing world one thing is for certain: the world needs artists and their artwork. Art interrogates, communicates, and illuminates, and Australian artists are at the forefront of this important labour.

So while one might recognise that Australian artists are the lifeblood of Australia’s cultural psyche, they might also ask how that is that translated abroad? And is that stage indeed welcoming of Australian artists?

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Andrea Simpson
About the Author
Andrea Simpson is a freelance contributor and former Feature Writer and the Reviews Editor for ArtsHub. Andrea is a Filipina-Australian writer, editor, and content creator with a love for diverse Australian stories. She is curious about all forms of art, though she has an especially keen interest in Australia's publishing sector. Her feature writing has appeared in Inside Small Business. Andrea is an Assoc. member of Editors Victoria (IPEd.). Her short stories have been published in Visible Ink Anthology 27: Petrichor (2015), and Frayed Anthology (2015). You can find Andrea’s poetry in What Emerges (2013) poetry selected by Ania Walwicz.