Interview with the creatives behind Sweet Juices

In conversation with Sydney-based co-directors Will Suen and Sejon Im, and their irreverent and rumbustious short film, ‘Sweet Juices’.
Sweet Juices. Image is of a dark bathroom with orange light coming through a slatted window. A woman of Asian appearance and long dark hair sits on the toilet looking despondent, while a bearded man in a striped apron stands in the bath looking at his phone.

Inspired by a ‘weird blend of raunchy Asian food comedies like God of Cookery, Tampopo, Food Wars, Extreme Job and crime thrillers like Pusher and Uncut Gems,’ Sydney-based co-directors, Will Suen and Sejon Im’s newest short film is brilliantly unhinged, brimming with delicious chaos and wild absurdism. 

Sweet Juices, which has already garnered awards and accreditations at various local and international film festivals, boldly imagines an anarchic world where food is the reigning currency. In a bid to pay off their accruing debts, two blackmarket chefs deploy their delicious dumplings as a form of bribery to evade the looming threat of eviction and impending incarceration. 

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Christy Tan is a writer living in Melbourne on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Overland, Kill Your Darlings, The Suburban Review, Cordite Poetry Review, Liminal Magazine, Going Down Swinging, Runway Journal, Peril Magazine, and more. She was a 2022 Hot Desk Fellow at the Wheeler Centre, member of the 2021-22 West Writers Group with Footscray Community Arts Centre, and has performed at the Digital Writers' Festival, Emerging Writers' Festival, National Young Writers' Festival and +Concepts Lecture Series.