Building resilience into your arts practice

Sustaining work in the arts is always a challenge, but in times of adversity it can be even harder to persevere. So how do we harness that capacity? And how do we build a strong community that can weather the storm together?

Unsettling times on the world stage can be both grist for the mill and a further obstacle to working in the arts, as funding continues to fall lower on political agendas. It is these times when the arts are of the most value to audiences, as we all struggle to make sense of a changing world. However it can be difficult to shift from despondency to inspiration – or at the very least business as usual.

‘It’s a test this year,’ admits Yumi Umiumare, who is co-producing ButohOUT, a festival taking place from February to April at Abbotsford Convent and Dancehouse. ‘I would love to say it’s sustainable but it’s actually quite hard work.’

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Trisnasari Fraser
About the Author
Trisnasari is a psychologist with an interest in the wellbeing and fulfilment of artists, performers, creatives and all those who follow their passions. As well as assisting clients manage challenges of working in creative industries and life in general, she is also completing a PhD. She blogs and has a podcast at