14 ideas for how to work less

Busyness, working long hours and constant hustling can contribute to exhaustion and burnout – and might not make our work any better. Here are some ideas for how to work less in a world that often demands more.

 Busy. Burned out. Overwhelmed. Overscheduled. In just one conversation with anyone working in the arts, it’s easy to glean why working longer and doing more is common solution.

Yet working more rarely correlates to working better. Decades of research demonstrates the link between the hours we work and how productive we are to be tenuous at best.

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Madeleine Dore
About the Author
Madeleine Dore is a freelance writer and founder of Extraordinary Routines, an interview project exploring the intersection between creativity and imperfection. She is the previous Deputy Editor at ArtsHub. Follow her on Twitter at @RoutineCurator