How to social media like a pro

Lynnaire Macdonald shares some tips on how you can reach your audience more effectively no matter where they are
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Social media is everywhere. In buses, on the street, in cafes…you can’t help but see a sea of faces looking down at their devices. And while that sounds pessimistic, it’s not meant to be.

Social media and the Internet has become a digital gathering place for people to share their world, connect with like-minded people and find out about events. So, what does this mean for artists and the art market? In their Audience Atlas New Zealand 2017 report which detailed research on the art market and arts audiences in Aotearoa between 2014 and 2017, CNZ noted that while traditional sources of information (word of mouth, TV, newspapers) are still the most common ways of finding out about the arts, their influence has decreased. People are now moving more towards the digital world to find out about artists and cultural events.

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Lynnaire Macdonald
About the Author
Lynnaire Macdonald is a publicist and social media marketer and the founder of Film Sprites PR, a publicity and digital marketing consultancy for film. Film Sprites PR has worked with filmmakers in the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada since 2014.