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Love me tender

PERTH INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL: Inspired by Euripides’ 'Iphigenia at Aulis', and set in a dreamed-up version of the Australian backyard,…



PARRAMATTA RIVERSIDE: 'Matthina' is a magnificent revival of the 2008 that is sad, compelling and raises social justice issues still…


Nigel Kennedy

HAMER HALL: Nigel Kennedy’s radically unorthodox approach to performing classical music didn’t so much break the rules in its day…


Happy as Larry

PERTH INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL: Delightful playful gasps and explosions of joy.


Spring Awakening

(NSW) The Sydney Theatre Company is opening its original Australian production of the cult hit musical Spring Awakening on Thursday…


Ruhe: the Nazi within

SYDNEY FESTIVAL: Celebrated Belgian director Josse De Pauw conceived Ruhe from a handful of potent ingredients.


Sydney Fringe announces inaugural director

A new Sydney Fringe Festival will be held in the inner west later this year.


Tears soak the sticky carpet

The recent closure of live music venues in Melbourne and Sydney threaten the future of the Australian music industry.


Monster of the Deep 3D in Sydney

Monster of the Deep 3D is O’Doherty’s first solo show and tells the story of her plight as the last…


Alfred Hitchcock’s 'Psycho' with Orchestra

SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE: Led by violinist Adrian Keating, and conducted by Nicholas Buc, the orchestra’s performance was sublime.

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