50 acronyms you need to know to work in the arts

Knowing the jargon lifts your industry credibility, and provides a quick test of how well you belong. Swot up before your next job interview with our quiz.
50 acronyms you need to know to work in the arts

Do you know what TMA stands for? Too many acronyms!

Okay, that one is hardly likely to be dropped during a job interview or over a coffee when someone is sounding out your industry credibility but the list below is full of shorthand you ought to know. A blank stare when someone drops the name of an interstate company or lesser known festival is not a good look and faking it until you can Google is playing with fire.

Knowing your way around the industry will open up job opportunities, income streams and outlets for your work.

Test yourself below:

0-15: You are out of the loop. Read ArtsHub for news, features and reviews – not just the Jobs Bulletin!

16-35: You are knowledgeable about your own state or sector but need a broader view. Get more adventurous with your reading and click on ArtsHub stories outside your comfort zone.

36-50: You are a real pro. You read thoroughly and have a broad knowledge of institutions, organisations and programs. You know the industry and there’s a good chance it knows you.


The Acronyms

  1. CPA
  2. CACD
  4. PTC
  5. WOMAD
  6. MONA
  7. AICC
  8. MPAB
  9. ARIA
  10. NCP
  11. AGSC
  12. CHG
  13. AELP
  14. ACO
  15. WAAPA
  16. ACP
  17. CAL
  18. AFTRS
  20. NIDA
  21. SAM
  22. YPAA
  23. OA
  24. NAVA
  25. APT
  26. NICA
  27. MEAA
  28. ADT
  29. SALA
  30. OFTA
  31. FFC
  32. PLR
  33. NFSA
  34. SDC
  35. NPG
  36. MCA
  37. GAL
  38. MAFG
  39. CAN
  40. CMAG
  41. NLA
  42. Vroom
  43. ACTF
  44. ELR
  45. NAIDOC
  46. CMC
  47. PPCA
  48. RAA
  49. APACA
  50. CYA

The Answers

  1. Creative Partnerships Australia
  2. Community Arts and Cultural Development
  3. Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art
  4. Perth Theatre Company
  5. World of Music, Arts and Dance
  6. Museum of Old and New Art
  7. Australian International Cultural Council
  8. Major Performing Arts Board
  9. Australian Recording Industry Association
  10. National Cultural Policy
  11. Australian Guild of Screen Composers
  12. Community Heritage Grants
  13. Arts Executive Leadership Program
  14. Australian Chamber Orchestra
  15. Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts
  16. Australian Centre for Photography
  17. Copyright Agency Limited
  18. Australian Film, Television and Radio School
  19. Australasian Performing Right Association|Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society
  20. National Institute of Dramatic Arts
  21. Shepparton Art Museum (technically it’s also the South Australian Museum but Shepparton has the marketing head start on the acronym)
  22. Young People and the Arts Australia
  23. Opera Australia
  24. National Association of Visual Arts
  25. Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art
  26. National Institute of Circus Arts
  27. Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance
  28. Australian Dance Theatre
  29. South Australian Living Artists
  30. Office for the Arts
  31. Film Finance Corporation
  32. Public Lending Right
  33. National Film & Sound Archive
  34. Sydney Dance Company
  35. National Portrait Gallery
  36. Museum of Contemporary Art
  37. Guarantee Against Loss
  38. Multicultural Arts and Festivals Grants
  39. Collections Australia Network
  40. Canberra Museum and Gallery
  41. National Library of Australia
  42. Virtual Reading Room
  43. Australian Children’s Television Foundation
  44. Educational Lending Right
  45. National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee
  46. Cultural Ministers Council
  47. Phonographic Performance Company of Australia
  48. Regional Arts Australia
  49. Australian Performing Arts Centres Association
  50. Carclew Youth Arts

Deborah Stone

Tuesday 29 January, 2013

About the author

Deborah Stone is a Melbourne journalist and communications professional. She is a former Editor of ArtsHub and a former Fairfax feature writer.