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Vale The Saints' Chris Bailey

John Willsteed pays tribute to Chris Bailey, a 'gentleman with the mad soul of an Irish convict poet’ and acknowledges…


Hannah Gadsby on being an autistic queer comedian

RMIT PhD candidate Clem Bastow discusses comedian Hannah Gadsby’s new book, Ten Steps to Nanette, and how it relates her…


Australian writing and publishing faces ‘grinding austerity’

‘When it comes to public funding, literature has long been the poor cousin of the arts,’ wrote Ben Eltham on…


Why Australia needs a national Ministry for Culture

Australia needs to mature as a nation by taking its arts and culture seriously, writes Jo Caust.


Ukraine’s cultural heritage faces destruction

World heritage sites, historical treasures, museums and more are under threat from Russian bombardment, writes Olenka Z Pevny.


Shane Warne: The Musical should be an Aussie classic

In memory of Shane Warne who tragically passed away last week, Mara Davis pays tribute to the beloved Australian star.

Opinions & Analysis

Why are Brisbane's major cultural institutions on a flood-prone river?

With recent floods threatening many cultural institutions, history lecturer Margaret Cook looks at how they came to be located in…

Opinions & Analysis

No, the Federal Government didn’t spend $4 billion on COVID arts support

Recent claims by A New Approach relied on exaggerated government data, writes academic Ben Eltham.


Meet the Australian artist whose work was called ‘an affront to masculinity’

Vivienne Binns' work is a bold and confident rebuttal to the male gaze and male entitlement, writes Julie Shiels.


Was the Sydney Festival boycott justifiable to support Palestine?

Dr Ben Saul, Professor of International Law at The University of Sydney, explains why boycotts are needed and necessary.

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