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Poetry helping us understand the climate crisis

Poetry allows us feel the full emotional impact of climate change, says Cardiff Metropolitan University's Christina Thatcher.

Why outdoor theatre must continue post-pandemic

Exterior spaces re-shape storytelling itself, argues UK playwright and academic Steve Waters.


Exhibition review: Wilam Biik

An empowering exploration of connection to Country, reviewed by Kim Kruger.


How artists make climate change accessible

Artists do more than simply tell us there’s a problem: they can make complex scientific reports accessible and tangible, say…

Parliamentary inquiry gives us a plan for a plan

Julian Meyrick and Justin O'Connor analyse the recent release of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the arts.


Away at 35: Michael Gow's masterpiece

Gow's much-loved play is a reflection of a grieving Australia, writes David Burton.

DC’s new comic book Superman is coming out as bisexual in next month’s issue.
Opinions & Analysis

Here’s to the original justice defender coming out

DC comics has announced its latest Superman will be bisexual, and its a historic moment for the franchise writes Jason…


Australian theatre in crisis

The ecosystem of Australia’s performing arts sector is in dire need.


Women at the height of their artistic powers

Writer Alison Carrol describes Bendigo exhibition profiling female Islamic artists as a powerful reckoning.

Opinions & Analysis

How Australians are surviving lockdown through the arts

New research by Frederic Kiernan, Anthony Chmiel, Sandra Garrido, Martha Hickey, and Jane W. Davidson looks at the role of…

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