Richie Black

Richie Black is an AWGIE-winning writer living and working on Gadigal Land. His Twitter is: @NoirRich

Richie's Latest Articles

Into Your Arms. Image is a purple book cover featuring a black and white picture of Nick Cave and on the right an editor's headshot of a woman with blond wavy shoulder length hair and black clothing smiling at the camera.

Book review: Into Your Arms, Edited by Kirsten Krauth

A collection that demonstrates how forces within powerful music can sometimes shape and inform powerful writing.

Full Coverage. Image is twofold: on the right a book cover with the words Full Coverage in white on a red background over a leather jacket clad guitarist, so all we can see is the musician's torso and hand. On the left is an author head and shoulders shot of a man with a ginger beard, brown and black baseball cap and checkered shirt.

Book review: Full Coverage, Samuel J Fell

The story of Australian rock journalism is a wild ride of luck, tenacity and incredulity.


Performance reviews: Endhoe, The Mother, Sydney Fringe Festival

These two acts explored the potential of the solo show.


Book review: The Empty Honour Board, Martin Flanagan

A memoir about boarding school days and the abuse that occurred there, forever shadowing Flanagan's life.


Theatre review: Jailbaby, Griffin Theatre

An unflinching look behind prison doors.


Book review: Vinyl Dreams, Tony Wellington

A book that attempts to capture the tumultuous musical styles of the time, but its approach lacks rigour.


Book review: Half Deaf, Completely Mad, Tony Cohen and John Olson

The story of destructive genius and its brilliant accompanying soundtrack.


Musical review: On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, Seymour Centre

A murky thematic perspective obscures the view despite the brilliant performances.


Theatre review: Choir Boy, National Theatre of Parramatta

Featuring transcendent a cappella singing, the production is nevertheless grounded by its sensitive reflection on the intersection of race and…


Theatre review: Hubris and Humiliation, STC

The subversively theatrical power of camp is used to create a hilarious and exhilarating experience.

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