Erin Stewart

Erin Stewart is a Canberra-based freelance writer and researcher.

Erin's Latest Articles

Feast. Image is author's headshot on left, a woman with long dark hair, a fringe and red lipstick, looking at the camera three-quarters on. On the right is a book cover with a pair of bare legs against a net curtain and balloons

Book review: Feast, Emily O'Grady

An unsettling, creepy story about dysfunctional families and slowly unravelling secrets.

Bee Miles. Image is an author shot of a woman with short red hair, glasses and a tan jacket. On the right is a book cover in blue with large yellow lettering and the small figure of a woman.

Book review: Bee Miles, Rose Ellis

Bee Miles was punished for daring to defy conventional expectations of female behaviour.

The Modern. Twofold image shows young woman with long brown hair on the left and a book cover of a woman in a gallery on the right.

Book review: The Modern, Anna Kate Blair

Set in and around New York's Museum of Modern Art, this debut explores not just art but sexuality, job precarity…

eventually everything connects. Image is of woman with hair up wearing a read patterned dress and sitting with hands in lap.

Book review: Eventually Everything Connects, Sarah Firth

This debut graphic novel is a series of visual essays that explore interconnectedness.

Book review: Broke, Sam Drummond

A memoir about the intersection between disability and financial precarity advocates for compassion.


Book review: The One Thing We've Never Spoken About, Elfy Scott

Complex mental health conditions are explored in this book that melds personal stories with wide-scale investigation.


Book review: Seeing Other People, Diana Reid

A contemporary post-COVID queer love triangle.


Book review: Cut, Susan White

An incisive exploration of misogyny in a surgical setting.


Book review: Release, Lucy Christopher

A companion piece to her earlier novel, this book explores notions of trauma, control and coercion.


Book review: Words are Eagles, Gregory Day

An exploration into the cultural complexities of writing about nature in Australia.

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