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detail of eye on money.
Opinions & Analysis

Questions raised over ‘Simpler. Fairer. Faster.’ arts funding model

Create NSW has announced a new approach to its arts funding model, but first reactions say it favours competitiveness over…

Opinions & Analysis

Under a wet blanket: navigating the Australian arts ecosystem as First Nations artists

It's time that First Nations artists were allowed to be in the driver's seat and not confined to the passenger's.

Blood. An Elder Aboriginal man with white hair and beard, stands behind a young Aboriginal man with a backwards white baseball cap and black T shirt with a sunny emblem on the front.
Opinions & Analysis

Our voices run through our blood…

2023 National NAIDOC Male Elder Award recipient, William Tilmouth, speaks on the referendum results, the state of youth education in…

sad bad girls. Image is a blonde woman in green dress with white spots holding out a glass with the hand of someone out of frame pouring wine into it.
Opinions & Analysis

I’ve had enough of Sad Bad Girl novels and sensationalised trauma

I’ve had enough of Sad Bad Girl novels, but I’m hungry for complex stories about women.

Opinions & Analysis

How ‘mental health’ has been reimagined in the workplace

Good mental health in the arts won’t happen until we see people with lived experienced enabled and included as leaders…

Opinions & Analysis

Caring as an artist

The incredible story of a mother's life, and the devastating fallout of her stroke...

Opinions & Analysis

Burning questions

Author Melanie Saward reflects on the evolution of her first novel, ‘Burn’, and what happens when Indigenous kids are severed…

Illustration with a person wearing a red hood standing against a smoky background with large blocks of red and grey. The atmosphere is dystopian.
Opinions & Analysis

Is fear around AI doing more harm than good?

Our anxiety is pitching artists against AI when collaboration and exploration are what's needed.

A banana with a condom and a sliced papaya underneath.
Opinions & Analysis

Moral panic over sex-ed book overlooks real value of teen sex education

The moral panic over a sex education book for teens has seen Big W staff abused, and ignores the ways…

A shelf of old leather-bound history books
Opinions & Analysis

Decolonising the written word

As an editor, a relatively new part of my brief is to be on the alert for colonial exceptionalism. What…

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