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Still from recording of feature writing workshop at The Channel - Arts Centre Melbourne. Two women are sitting on stage against a black backdrop. On the left is Celina, an Asian Australian woman in her mid-20s with a black bob, denim jacket and black dress. On the right is Madeleine, a middle aged Caucasian woman wearing a blue and white floral shirt and white pants.

ArtsHub writing workshop 2: Feature Writing

In this session, ArtsHub's Madeleine Swain and Celina Lei run through feature writing from pitch to publish.

Australian circus: four circus performers on stage. Two of them are positioned underneath one who is flying through the air, and one is ready to catch the leaping performer.

International views on Australian circus

This year’s Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) turns the spotlight on circus and physical theatre, and there is at least…

A concert venue with three raised hands reaching upwards fro the crowd, through purple and yellow spotlights. Wellness comedy.

Wellness during comedy festival season

As a stand-up comedian you need to look after your audience, but to do that properly you need to look…

Future of Arts, Culture & Technology Symposium 2024 at ACMI, ‘Presenting the new canon in 2050’ panel. Photo: Gianna Rizzo. People sitting in a dark cinema with four people sitting on stage below a large screen showing a digital work (still). The work features a human figure moving their upper body with arms outstretched.

Predictions for the arts canon in 2050

The future ultimately hinges on what gets preserved now, where tech hardware, copyright and data protection run alongside ethical considerations.


Professional choral music ensemble wins new audiences in Brisbane

One Equal Music’s 2024 season offers a diverse repertoire of early and contemporary vocal music.

Billy Fogarty, a non-binary actor, performing on stage. Image is a performer downstage in a black top and black hat, with one hand on their hip and the other touching their lower neck. Behind them in the background is a figure in dark trousers and a light shirt.

New possibilities: casting and training non-binary actors

The industry and training institutions are rushing to keep up with a softening of gender binaries.


Perth Festival midpoint round-up

Halfway through Iain Grandage's fifth and final Perth Festival and there's plenty of entertainment and provocation to enjoy. Even for…

A fire destroys a new circus venuee.

Circus venue devastated by fire

Barely a year after opening, Brisbane's newest circus venue has been rendered completely out of order.

Taylor Swift: A picture of Taylor Swift in a little black dress holding a microphone, performing on stage in front of a projected image of her face.

Taylor Swift effect: blessing or curse for arts audiences?

Ahead of her Australian tour dates, Tay-Tay mania is in full swing. But can the local arts sector expect any…

aerial view of Sydney with White Bay Power Station.

How will White Bay Power Station work as an arts venue?

Despite offering zero parking on-site, White Bay Power Station promises to be an arts venue to shape Sydney, and beyond.

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