Motel Sydney, The Sydney Boulevard Hotel (NSW)

Tim Ross and Kit Warhurst’s live show is a comic Grand Designs with music and a healthy dash of nostalgia.

You won’t ever find a wittier and more side-splitting ode to the 60s, 70s, and motels. Laced with excellent musicianship, great original lyrics, and humour for all who lived it, Tim Ross and Kit Warhurst’s live show is a celebration of Australia’s motel architectural influences of the era. Who needs that…? The answer is everyone!

Almost all the cringe-worthy moments of childhood from the period are twisted here to release the pain and bring you joy. You’ll find that whatever prejudices, peculiarities and quirks that you endured as a result of a sunburnt childhood in Australia will be transformed in what could only be described as laughter therapy.

Warhurst and Ross are comedic geniuses, highly talented singers, and great lyricists. They will bring you laughter as you follow them on their journey in their old bench-seat Ford.

Warhurst adds his rich musical talents to this quintessential Aussie road trip, while Ross delivers a highly insightful architectural commentary on modernist influences in Australia’s motel stock which somehow we all feel we must know. All of this is laced with anecdotes that turn nostalgia into a celebration of all the Australian beauties that Mike and Mal Leyland introduced to the nation in their popular TV series through the 70s and 80s.

Design nerds, baby boomers, and gen X unite to reminisce about parking the car outside the motel, an ode to the plague-like use of mission brown paint, and the art of avoiding vinyl and seat buckle burns on the beach trip. Even if you’re too young to remember the Décor wine cask cooler or hanging off a Hills hoist, this is still a must-see. The cultural cringe will fast convert to a huge smile, forming a great new appreciation for our daggy childhoods and Oz architectural design history – and for the musical and comedic talents of Warhurst and Ross. 

You will go home with new joy and fondness for the past, delighted by the experience, sated with Cheezels, aching cheeks and sore ribs from so many lol moments… And you will most definitely want to jump on the bed the second you get home. 

5 stars out of 5 ★★★★★

Motel Sydney
17-19 October 2019
The Sydney Boulevard Hotel

Ross and Warhurst will present Motel 1979 Perth at the Art Gallery of Western Australia from 1-3 November 2019.

Danni Petkovic
About the Author
Danni Petkovic is the business development manager at ArtsHub and screenhub and an avid live music and theatre-goer.