Dance review: LOVE/LOVE/LOVE/ LOVE/LOVE, PACT Theatre, Sydney Fringe Festival

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LOVE/LOVE/LOVE/LOVE/LOVE is intense, complex and powerful. Tessa Redman helps us decipher the different dimensions of love in this striking solo dance and theatrical performance. In the intimate PACT Theatre with the audience literally reflected against a mirrored stage backdrop, we are taken through the many applications of this emotion while we contemplate and reflect upon our own desires.

Fresh from highly successful, awarded and much lauded appearances at the New Zealand Fringe 2023, this Sydney Fringe Festival is Redman’s first Australian appearance.

The choreography and performance is detailed, with all parts of her body, face and eyes dancing, as she explores various shades of love.

The performance plays out against an inspired sound overlay designed by Jackie Jenkins. 

Redman shares her journey in all its manifestations and emotional states, spanning sibling love, budding love, romantic love, self love, erotic love, uninhibited love, parental love and, of course, the love of dance. The evening is simply a celebration of her ‘love of love’.

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There are only a limited number of shows, so hurry to attend, and take your dearest ones with you.  

Choreography and performer: Tessa Redman
Lighting and Set Design: Elekis Poblete Teirney
Sound Design: Jackie Jenkins
Set Construction and Photography: Trantham Gordon

PACT Theatre, 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville
Tickets:$14.50- $29

LOVE/LOVE/LOVE/LOVE/LOVE will be performed until 23 September 2023.

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