Comedy reviews: Weird Al’s Cousin, Garry Starr, Sydney Fringe Festival

Two very different solo acts revelling in silliness and provoking laughter.

Weird Al’s Cousin
★★★ 1/2

If you’ve every wondered about the ones the didn’t make it, the recalcitrants, the misfits and the dreamers… Or if you’ve simply just wondered about who the actual “talent” was behind the star or what would’ve happened to them if they had had their moment in the sun, then this show was there to help you navigate these musings. 

In this production, Weird Al’s Cousin Sal (Ellen Christina) shared her personal experiences of the show business industry, and offered a raw and highly comical insight into what happens based on which side of the line lady luck falls and where you happen to be standing. 

Cousin Sal demonstrated a slice of comedy best received with complete abandon; you had to gift yourself the freedom to laugh without any restraint. 

She revealed a torment of lost opportunities and the injustice of the entertainment industry, and also demonstrated her rich and ribald parody writing skills coupled with a captivating singing performance. In Sal’s ultimate revelation, we witnessed her true self spirit, proving that sometimes the doppelgänger is better than the original. 

Weird Al’s Cousin was performed at the Sydney Fringe Festival from 5-9 September 2023.

Garry Starr
★★★★ 1/2

In times when national economies are challenged, countries have to play to their strengths.
Garry Starr shows strength, courage and an exquisite sense of the ridiculous in support of his Hellenic homeland.

He is without doubt the best thing that has happened in the modern era when it comes to promoting Greece and the rich mythology of the gods. An arousing sympósio of Greek gods is quickly served that leaves you crying with laughter and hungry for more in this graphical, revealing and interactive tutorial.

Freshly back from applauded performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Starr delivers a performance that highlights exactly why fringe theatre and the Sydney Fringe Festival are so badly needed in the tapestry of the performing arts, and life in general.

The Greek economy and your own sense of the ridiculous has never been in better hands, as you devour this slice of history. You will leave visually and linguistically teased and wishing Starr taught more than the mythology of the gods.

Garry Starr: Greece Lightning
Spiegeltent Festival Garden: The Vault

Tickets: $45
Garry Starr will be performing until 30 September as part of Sydney Fringe Festival.

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