Comedy review: Vanessa Larry Mitchell, MICF

The messy joys and tribulations of being a modern woman.

When I arrived at Vanessa Larry Mitchell’s comedy show, I checked the audience – my comedy festival barometer: who goes to see this comedian? What am I in for here? It was mostly bigger groups of women (an encouraging sign for me – also a woman) and a few couples; for some reason – it was mostly blondes.

For an opening night show at 10.30pm – it was a good crowd. And they clearly knew a good pick.

In short: she’s hilarious. Mitchell doesn’t draw breath, but you feel totally comfortable with her holding the floor. Each outrageous story or anecdote threatens to spray that sip of wine all over the person in front – I was grateful to have gone without.

The audience was a bit shy (or early comedy festival green) and so not super forthcoming when she inquired ‘who here uses IUDs?’ or ‘who is on dating apps?’ and I wished a few times for her to let those awkward pauses linger for slightly longer to see what emerged – but not a chance. Mitchell is a hurricane-like force of nature. This is not sit-in-awkwardness comedy – this is straight-up honest stand-up: with material that covers dating, sex, cunnilingus, drugs, her teenage kids, dick pics, contraception, a foray into lesbianism and her country Aussie roots (in both senses of the word).

Mitchell’s comedy is no holds barred and it feels immediately as if she’s your friend: like that hysterically funny woman you met once in a bathroom at a club who helped you pick the Tinder date you’re going home with or the straight shooter in your office that blurts out funny truths that no one else can get away with saying, but you find yourself secretly cheering at constantly.

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This was a show to bring your girl gang to for a side-splitting, sparkling night out. And you will want sparkling – a red would stain…

Teardrops on My Dildo was performed at The Athenaeum for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from 31 March until 2 April.

Kate Mulqueen is an actor, writer, musician and theatre-maker based in Naarm (Melbourne). Instagram: @picklingspirits Facebook: @katemulq Twitter: @katemulqueen