Kate Mulqueen

Kate Mulqueen is an actor, writer, musician and theatre-maker based in Naarm (Melbourne). Instagram: @picklingspirits Facebook: @katemulq Twitter: @katemulqueen

Kate's Latest Articles

Marriage. A hazy photo of five young women on a couch with balloons and a disco ball.

Theatre review: Marriage, Midsumma Festival

How does the institution of marriage affect the queer community?


Musical Theatre review: The Choir of Man, Arts Centre Melbourne

Singing and dancing in a pub setting brings frothy joy to all.

A Very Naughty Christmas. Group of young people in Christmas clothes preening for the camera.

Cabaret review: A Very Naughty Christmas, Alex Theatre

A Christmas-themed show that felt divorced from anything remotely boundary-pushing, gender-bending or creative.

Daylight Connection. Image is an Aboriginal man flanked by two Aboriginal women whoh each have a hand on his shoulder. All are wearing grey T shirts.

Theatre review: Whose gonna love ‘em? I am that i AM and Chase, Malthouse Theatre

First Nations Theatre collective A Daylight Connection presents a double bill that provokes, examines and entertains.

Enemies of Grooviness. Image is multiple moving bodies, blurred and lit by purple light.

Performance reviews: Enemies of Grooviness Eat Sh!T, WAKE, Melbourne Fringe Festival

Two Fringe feminist shows about women in all their power and vulnerabilities.

Wil Greenway, Scout Boxhall. Images are on the left an illustration of a man with a beard in a yellow shirt, wearing a garland of flowers around his neck, and on the right a person with a mullet haircut and glasses touching their neck with tattoo covered arms.

Comedy reviews: Wil Greenway: The Ocean After All and Scout Boxall: Pork Chop, Melbourne Fringe Festival

Two comedians ply their craft at Trades Hall for Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Only Bones. images shows torso of a man on his knees with arm raised and coloured lighting reflected off his clothes, against a black background. We cannot see his face.

Performance reviews: Only Bones – Daniel Nodder, So..., Melbourne Fringe Festival

Two shows that explore some comedic freestyling using the body as a prop and a darkly absurd premise.

Melbourne Fringe. Two women with bustieres and frill collars, plus high ponytails face the camera.

Performance Reviews: HIGH PONY, LOOPS, Black Widow, Melbourne Fringe Festival

Four Melbourne Fringe Festival works show the range on offer, from comedy to circus, cabaret and street tours.

Love, Lust, Lost

Theatre review: Love, Lust, Lost, Austral Picture Theatre

This immersive theatre show ensures a different viewing experience every night.


Theatre review: Julius Caesar, fortyfivedownstairs

An excellent production that once again reminds us of the power of oratory.

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