'Autobahn' is comprised of six sketches of two people travelling in a car and the discussions that occur between them.
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Autobahn is comprised of six sketches of two people travelling in a car and the discussions that occur between them. The first one Funny has a mother returning her daughter home from rehabilitation. The daughter, Renee Gentle, does a monologue for the entire 20 minutes, which is brilliant. The mother, Cheryl Bradley, just drives the car and her expressions are very realistic.

The second Long Division is two young men, Nic English and Tim Overton in dialogue over the trials and tribulations of relationships. At times this is very amusing. Road Trip with John Doherty and Martin Hissey on a very long journey discussing the connotation of abduction. This was very well performed by both actors.

Bench Seat was the one that I found most appealing of a young couple, Renee Gentle and Tim Overton, parked in a romantic spot, however both have very different expectations. She is thinking the romance is about to go to another level and he is wanting to put an end to it. The acting by both these two young people was very well delivered.

Merge with Nic English and Rachael Kirkham is another humorous sketch with the original story line delivered by Rachael being exposed for the truth by Nic.

Autobahn itself is another monologue carried out by Tamara Lee as the mother of a foster child who feels betrayed by the son and vents her feelings with her husband, John Doherty listening whilst driving. Tamara does an excellent portrayal of this mother.

The Garage Bar is a rather derelict venue which resembles a warehouse with a bar. The props were minimal with a car seat mounted on four tyres and a steering wheel. It suited the storyline very well. In the background was a screen which was used as a back-drop and the music at the start of each act was appropriate to the theme, eg. “Breaking Up is hard to do” for the “Bench Seat”.

In the beginning I was totally bewildered as to the plot or message of each segment, but only after the show was over and I had time to reflect on each, did I realise that I did enjoy it.

There was minimal bad language which I appreciated and I felt that the acting was of a very high standard. I was amazed at the way the dialogue was presented and must congratulate the team on a very well rehearsed performance.

The reason runs until 21 March and tickets range from $14.95 to $17.95

Title of Event Autobahn
Venue Garage Bar, Waymouth Street, Adelaide
Show Date 4 March 2009
Show Time 7.30 pm
Performers Renee Gentle, Cheyl Bardley, Nic English, Tim Overton, John Doherty, Martin Hissey, Rachael Kirkham and Tamara Lee

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