A good prompt can win you free art by real artists

Nine Tasmanian artists will select from a pool of image prompts to create real artworks that will be returned to those submitting the original prompts.
Eloise Lark, one of the artists participating in TasmanAi. Photo: Supplied. A playful photo of a women sticking her head on the scanning machine and making an exaggerated facial expression. Snippets of posters and artworks can be seen on a board behind her.

TasmanAi is an image generator with a twist. Instead of using artificial intelligence to mash up artworks online and regurgitate them as “new” creations, nine Tasmanian artists have joined forces to select image prompts submitted by participants and create real artworks.

A Tourism Tasmania initiative, TasmanAi has been created to remind the world about the authenticity of human creativity with art made over time, rather than at the click of a mouse.

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